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A totally comprehensive guide to book marketing, teaching you how to craft your own customized marketing strategy step-by-step. Covers market research, blurbs, covers, Amazon’s algorithms, promotional tactics, launches, and much more.


Three years in the making, this guide distills the principles of productivity that actually work into a no BS, highly flexible system. Finally learn how to create your own productivity system that plays to your strengths…and that will last you longer than a week.




A unique combination of productivity and marketing principles, strategies, and tactics carefully assembled with a single goal: help you implement a proven book marketing system by taking an hour a day over the course of 30 days and directing it toward key 80/20 tasks.




A course with one simple goal: distill everything you can do, marketing-wise, into an actionable one page plan that fits your strengths.



The ultimate ads course for authors, teaching step-by-step processes for creating kick-ass Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads. Also available: 1-on-1 Workshop edition, with personal coaching and assignments to tackle challenges and up your game fast.



A hyper-focused course focused on one thing: nailing your next book launch. Straight to the point, zero-fluff videos to help you craft the perfect customized launch strategy. In-depth case studies of actual launches, with numbers and analysis breaking down what went right…and what went wrong.



The twenty second version: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing (or Crash Course or 30 Day Marketing Sprint) plus the 80/20 Author Ads Course and Launch Blueprint will cover everything you need to know about book marketing, from the fundamentals to advanced launch/ads strategies to take your career to the next level.

The two minute version…

The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing is a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of book marketing, from blurbs to covers to creating an effective strategy. Instead of hunting through dozens of unverified and untested sources, you can find everything that works under one roof, complete with clear step-by-step processes and action exercises. The end result is a simple, flexible marketing system that can be tweaked to your specific needs.

It follows the old maxim of teaching someone how to fish. It is not just a random collection of tactics or ideas, but provides you with a framework to improve your own marketing skills.

This guide is the foundation of everything. If you do not have core marketing principles and fundamentals in place, more advanced material like the 80/20 Author Ads Course will not be helpful.

The Ultimate Guide to Author Productivity takes a similar approach to productivity, eliminating the BS and focusing exclusively on what works. This book breaks down productivity to its building blocks, then helps you assemble them into your own flexible, unique system that plays to your signature strengths. It also covers methods for improving both your productivity and writing skills, an area often glossed over in writing texts.

The 80/20 Indie Crash Course is a condensed twist on both Ultimate guides, bridging the gap between marketing and productivity with the 3 x 3 system: three hours a day split between three tasks (writing, marketing, and reading) for three years gives you a decent shot at becoming a part-time or full-time author. It takes many of the concepts from the larger guides and gives you a very specific, step-by-step blueprint to follow. The Crash Course is perfect for those who want less customization and simply want to follow a pre-designed plan that is still flexible enough to be adjusted based on their available time and resources.

From the Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing, 80/20 Indie Crash Course, or 30 Day Marketing Sprint, the natural progression is to the 80/20 Author Ads Course, which is my flagship premium course. Note that none of these three are prerequisites for experienced authors; you can hop right into the 80/20 Author Ads Course from the jump.

You may have taken other ads courses; I can assure you that there is no course like this on the market. The level of analysis, depth, and content here on Facebook, Amazon, and BookBub is unparalleled elsewhere. The focus, however, is not solely on the platforms, however; it takes a deep look at marketing strategy, creative, analyzing profitability, and more. If you want to master these platforms and run effective ads (and know how to weed out profitable ads from the unprofitable), this breaks everything down in precise, step-by-step fashion.

This is also available in a 1-on-1 Workshop edition, where you receive coaching calls with me and tailor-made assignments customized to help accelerate your ads progress in a month.

The Launch Blueprint is a hyper-focused course with one goal: helping you nail your launch strategy. The core videos outline how to create your own launch strategy, but the real benefit of the course lies in the case studies, where I break down actual launches, complete with numbers, and go over what went right and what went wrong so you can apply the lessons for your own launches. It is a perfect supplement to 80/20 Author Ads.