The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing: Third Edition.

As the title likely suggests, this is the third edition of the Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing. What’s that, you ask?

Well, it’s a comprehensive guide to book marketing, covering everything from marketing strategy to writing a killer blurb to how to the Amazon algorithms, and much more.

Fully updated for 2023, with new strategies and tactics to account for changes to the marketing landscape.  

Pre-order directly from me and get the book 2 weeks early. And you will IMMEDIATELY receive the 2 hour How to Build to Six Figures Masterclass that you'll only get if you buy the book directly from me. 

If you read the original, this has been updated for 2023. There are new strategies and tactics and updates to account for the changes to the marketing landscape that have transpired since the original’s release in early 2020.

For those who want a hard copy: There will be a print version available in the future. Release date depends on how long the formatting takes, since there are a lot of images / bullet points and other things that make that job fairly complex. I’d like that to be out by the end of this year, but TBD. 


If you buy the book direct from me, you’ll receive the How to Build to Six-Figures Masterclass breaking down the lessons I've learned from working with multiple six- and seven-figure authors over the years. 

This bonus is only available when you purchase the book directly from me. If you want to grab the book from Amazon or elsewhere, I'm grateful, but you will not receive the Masterclass. 

You'll also get to read the book a full two weeks early (June 1 instead of June 15 on the retailers). 


2 hour and 19 minute How to Build to Six-Figures Masterclass
How to Build to Six-Figures Summary and Action Checklist

Again: this is only included if you purchase the book directly from me. If you purchase the book elsewhere (Amazon, Apple Books etc.), I am very grateful, of course, but you won’t receive the bonus case study.

In the How to Build to Six Figures Masterclass, you'll learn: 

  • An actual simple strategy that I've PERSONALLY used to help multiple clients built to six figures
  • Principles and tactics that have been tested and work multiple genres
  • How having an actual strategy (rather than a random collection of tasks) can keep you on track during the year
  • Why narrowing your focus results in faster results in less work time
  • The secret to working LESS while getting BETTER results with your marketing
  • Why using your own unique strengths is KEY to making faster marketing progress
  • Why focusing on 1 ad platform at a time is nitro fuel fuel for your author the 2 platforms I recommend starting with
  • Why the real "price tag" for a traffic source isn't just the cost
    A simple trick that can double your BookBub submissions each month
  • Why testing your cover or blurb is one of the best advertising investments you can make (19 minutes)
  • How to give yourself a 33%+ raise in less than 2 minutes...forever (20 minutes)
  • How to add dozens or even hundreds of subscribers to your list consistently each month with an easy set and forget system (23 minutes)
  • The Two Lever Marketing strategy that sustains more momentum and builds your career faster (28 minutes)
  • How to increase the impact of your marketing components to make them more than the sum of their parts (32 minutes)
  • Why box sets are one of your most valuable assets...and what most authors do incorrectly when releasing them (37 minutes)
  • A key mistake that authors make that can stop your career dead in its tracks EVEN if you're releasing and marketing consistently (41 minutes)
  • The three main traits of six- and seven-figure authors (43 minutes)

The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing: Third Edition.


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Word Count: 90,000 words

Formats: ePub / MOBI / PDF

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The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing: Second Edition.


Word Count: 130,000 words

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Word Count: 130,000 words

Formats: ePub / MOBI / PDF

Get the eBook version from Retailers

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Since the book and some of the bonus material (summary + checklist) are both downloadable, there are no refunds.