The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing: Second Edition

As the title likely suggests, this is the second edition of the Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s a comprehensive guide to book marketing, covering everything from strategy to writing a killer blurb to setting up a promotion / launch and much, much more.

If you read the original, this has been updated for 2022. There are new strategies and tactics and updates to account for the changes to the marketing landscape that have transpired since the original’s release in early 2020.

For those who want a hard copy: There will be a print version available in the future. Release date depends on how long the formatting takes, since there are a lot of images / bullet points and other things that make that job fairly complex. I’d like that to be out by the end of this year, but it might be released in 2023.


If you buy the book direct from me, you’ll receive the $10k “Optimal” Launch Case Study breaking down an actual launch that made over 5-figures. “Optimal” in quotes because there is no such thing as a perfect launch. But this might be the closest thing to optimal that I’ve found to date. This case study is a synthesis of many topics covered in the book, complete with numbers.


  • 2 hour and 31 minute $10k “Optimal” Launch Case Study video
  • 64 minute Case Study Q & A video
  • Optimal Launch Checklist (PDF)
  • Launch tracking template (Google Sheet)

This is only included if you purchase the book directly from me. If you purchase the book elsewhere (Amazon, Apple Books etc.), I am very grateful, of course, but you won’t receive the bonus case study.

Note: if you’re a member of the Launch & Promo Blueprint this case study is already included in that course. If you picked up the Turning the Tide charity anthology earlier in 2022, this is the same launch case study that was offered as a bonus.


  • Formats: ePub / MOBI / PDF
  • Word count / length: tbd, I’m still finalizing the formatting and final chapters. The final will be over 90,000 words, though.


Since the book and some of the bonus material (checklist, template) are both downloadable, there are no refunds.

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