These are the essential resources I’ve used to sell 70,000+ fiction books over the last six years without an agent or publisher. Current as of July 12, 2020.

NOTE: I only list services I’ve actually used.


Listed price is for a complete cover (eBook and print-on-demand). Prices fluctuate due to exchange rates; they might also change. These are listed from most expensive to least; this is not a quality ranking. These designers can also create things like Facebook banners, logos and so forth. Note that some designers have long lead times, so contact them a minimum of 3 months in advance of your publication date.


  • Tom Edwards (varies based on complexity of illustration; my cover was ~$950) (sci-fi)
  • Alberto Besi (varies based on complexity of illustration; my cover was $800)


  • I recommend Vellum ($29 per book/$249 for unlimited use). Beautiful, simple and intuitive eBook & print formatting with a single click. It’s Mac only, but I used to run it on Windows with MacInCloud ($30 for 30 hours). That virtual setup was a little choppy with the latency…so I bought a Mac specifically for Vellum. It’s that good.
  • Scrivener ($40 Windows/$45 Mac) and Adobe InDesign ($30/mo) can also format eBooks and print interiors, but are far less user-friendly.
  • Ampersand Book Interiors (~$125+ per format) custom eBook/print formatting that matches your cover branding.


  • Mailerlite (free up to 1,000 subscribers): cheap, and solid if all you need to send are broadcast emails.
  • Convertkit ($29/mo up to 1,000 subscribers): I use this for all my lists; well-designed interface and great feature set for more advanced users. Only downside is price.


  • Book Report (free up to $1,000 in royalties per month; $19/mo thereafter): a much improved dashboard for displaying/analyzing your KDP sales data that requires no installation.
  • Book Funnel ($5/mo): seamlessly delivers your free books (e.g reader magnets) to email subscribers. Vital for building your mailing list.
  • Prolific Works ($20/mo): allows you to give away free books to Prolific Works’s readers and join cross-promotions with other authors to generate mailing list subscribers.
  • Story Origin (beta): similar to BookFunnel and Prolific Works, but with more features and a super-responsive developer who is constantly releasing updates.


These lists usually devolve into useless 35 page appendixes. I’ll be frank: I read a lot of books. Most are not good. These are indispensable.

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