Coaching & Consulting

Ads and Marketing Management

  • Managing Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads on a monthly basis for backlist and frontlist titles
  • Handling launch and promotion marketing and strategy
  • Minimum 3 month contract
  • Minimum $3,000 monthly advertising spend

Launch or Promotion Management (Kindle Unlimited)

  • Managing Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads for a single launch or promotion
  • Includes 30 days of ads management on the launched or promoted series after the promo’s start date
  • Kindle Unlimited books only
  • Minimum $3,000 budget

I’m currently at full capacity and am not taking on additional ads management clients at this time. If you’re interested in general details, and hearing if I have a slot open in the future, then please reach out at with a link to your books and a general overview of what you’d be looking for in terms of ads/marketing management. We can discuss your situation and whether I’d be a good fit.

If my skills aren’t a good fit for your current books/situation, I will be very upfront about this. I am not going to sell you BS that won’t benefit you.

1-on-1 Consulting Calls

I have space in my schedule for consulting calls on a limited basis.

  • 60 minute call to discuss book marketing: launching, ads, newsletters, general strategies
  • Takes place via Zoom, so you can share your screen, data, and anything else that you want feedback on
  • $200 for a single 60 minute call or $500 if you book a package of (3) 60 minute calls (that you can use at any time during 2020)
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