Coaching & Consulting

1-on-1 Consulting Calls

I currently have space in my schedule for consulting calls on a limited basis.

  • 60 minute call to discuss book marketing: launching, ads, newsletters, general strategies
  • Takes place via Zoom, so you can share your screen, data, and anything else that you want feedback on
  • $750 for a single 60 minute call

1-on-1 8-Week Amazon Ads Workshop

Stop wasting time and money piecing together random advice from groups, courses, blog posts, and other sources that never seem to work.

And instead, finally start getting results. Better yet, have confidence in and know what’s actually working (and, perhaps more importantly, what’s not, so you can stop spending money on it).

This is an intense eight week program where I teach you the complete system I’ve developed and refined over the course of running over 7-figures in Amazon Ad spend. The workshop is custom tailored to your specific books, situation, and skill level. Each week builds step-by-step, so that by the end you have a deep understanding of how to manage your ads profitably.

This isn’t a couple hacks that works for the next eight weeks and then is obsolete. This analysis system is based on foundational principles, providing you with a deep level of the ads platform that you can continue to use and build on after.


  • (8x) weekly 60 – 90 minute 1-on-1 calls tailored to your books, genre, and skill level where I teach you my system for running Amazon Ads, including:
    • Keyword research and targeting types
    • Bidding
    • Campaign structure
    • Tracking profitability
    • How to calculate how much a keyword / ad is worth (revenue per click)
    • How to scale (which most people find almost impossible to do efficiently with the Amazon Ads)
  • (8x) weekly assignments customized to your specific situation to solidify and apply the concepts, with personal feedback from me
  • My custom-made Google Sheets calculator that will calculate the value of a keyword / campaign for you and tell you how much revenue and profit you’re making for each keyword / campaign; all you have to do is copy and paste the data in
  • Negative keyword list in your genre (romance / thriller + mystery + crime / fantasy only) (this is likely worth 5x the price of the workshop alone in wasted ad spend if you’re running $5k+ in ads a month)

Additional details:

  • Systematized, step-by-step process that’s been tested in multiple genres
  • Calls take place via Zoom, so you can share your screen, data, and anything else that you want feedback on
  • Takes 5 – 10 hours a week from you between the calls, assignments, and ads management
  • $12,500

Profitability is not guaranteed with the workshop, but I only work with authors who I believe (based on my experience) have catalogs that have a good shot at being profitable with the ads. This primarily hinges on series length; if you don’t have a series with 5+ books in it, the Amazon Ads are unlikely to be profitable (at any significant scale) due to the high bids on the platform.

Note: the workshop requires fundamental Excel / Sheets knowledge (how to multiply, divide, use the SUM formula, etc.).