Six-Figure Author Strategy 2023 is currently closed.

Craft a custom marketing strategy based on your strengths and objectives to grow your author business in 2023...without having to write 18 more books a year, be on 86 social media platforms, or run ads in 42 different places (unless you really want to).

Six-Figure Author Strategy 2023 is currently closed.

Craft a custom marketing strategy based on your strengths and objectives to grow your author business in 2023...without having to write 18 more books a year, be on 86 social media platforms, or run ads in 42 different places (unless you really want to).

“I just want to have a life outside of writing and marketing.”

I’ve gotten this email or read this in forums or author groups more times than I can count.

Being an author is tough, whether you’re already a six-figure author or just getting started. Indie authors have to do it all. Marketing. Publishing. Admin.

It’s no wonder that many authors are working all the time just to keep their head above water. Constantly fending off burnout as they release another book to feed the algorithm.

There’s no other way, right?

We all know the answers: You gotta work harder. Keep releasing more books. Learning more ad platforms.

In other words: DO MORE STUFF.

If you don’t, then you’re going to sink. And there’s no path to six-figures if you don’t do EVERYTHING.

But if you’re already working hard, working harder is rarely the answer.

You don’t need to release twice as fast.

You don’t need to spend twice as much.

You don’t need a million more things to do.

You just need to do the RIGHT THINGS.

Building to Six-Figures (and staying there without going insane) requires a strategy.

You need your own Personal Roadmap laser-focused on your most important goal.

Because YOU are not everyone else.

If they’re trying to get to New York, but you want to get to Los Angeles, London, or Tokyo…

…You can’t take the same plane!

Which is why copying all the tactics you find in groups and author forums rarely works.

You just end up taxiing in circles on the runway.

Until you run out of fuel.

There’s gotta be a better alternative, right?

Enter Six-Figure Author Strategy 2023.

This is not theory.

This is not a collection of random tactics that we found in a Facebook Group.

This is a straight-to-the-point course with one goal: mapping out a crystal-clear 2023 marketing strategy. Custom-designed based on your personal strengths, goals, and author career.

Nicholas Erik

Nicholas Erik (okay, me, since I’m writing this page) has run ads and consulted for multiple six and seven-figure authors.

I’ve personally helped multiple authors build their businesses to six-figures in revenue.

I’ve managed six-figures in ad spend in 2020, 2021, and 2022 and have a massive amount of experience / data across multiple sub-genres and marketing strategies – so I know which strategies are universal, which are genre specific, and which are just noise.

Lee Savino

Lee Savino is a seven-figure romance author of multiple USA Today and Top 100 Amazon bestsellers who also has consulted and coached multiple authors.

She has extensive expertise in Kindle Unlimited, going wide, rapid releasing, and branding, as well as less commonly explored (but extremely lucrative!) areas such as translations.

The 1 Page Template

Distill everything you possibly can do into only what will move the needle for you with the printable 1 Page Marketing Strategy Template. So you have a North Star for 2023 when you’re feeling adrift or overwhelmed.

Here’s just the top half.

The Standard Edition

Six-Figure Author Strategy 2023: Standard Edition is a no-fluff course comprising of four things:

  • Class #1: Marketing Tactics for 2023 (3 hour replay): Find out what's working in marketing right now (not last year or five years ago) and what you need to be focused on in 2023. (recorded fresh in December 2022)
  • Class #2: Step-by-Step Group Strategy Walkthrough (2 hour replay): This is where you fill out your strategy. Follow along with Lee and I as we walk you through how to craft a custom marketing strategy that will help you dominate 2023. (recorded fresh in December 2022)
  • Strategy Library: four strategy videos outlining ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own strategy--no matter what you're currently earning. 
    • $0 to $10k Strategy
    • Five Figure to Six Figure Strategy
    • Beyond Six Figures Strategy
    • Wide Strategy

  • 4 Printable Strategy Sheet PDFs
    • Full year strategy (the core of the course)
    • 6 month strategy (if you want to reboot / revise your strategy mid-year)
    • 90 day strategy (to help you break down larger year-long goals into smaller chunks)
    • Weekly action items

The Ultimate Edition

Six-Figure Author Strategy 2023: Ultimate Edition includes everything in the Standard edition, plus over 15 hours of additional material.

  • All material from the Standard edition: 2 class replays, strategy library, and printable strategy sheet PDFs
  • 12 Class Replays from 2020, 2021, and 2022 covering newsletters, branding, promo ideas from $0 - $10k+ in budget and more.
  • Expanded Strategy Library featuring everything from the standard edition plus seven additional videos: (1) Six-Figure Kindle Countdown Deal KU Strategy, (2) Six-Figure Short Book Strategy, (3) Six-Figure Translation Strategy, (4) $13,972 Five-Figure KU Launch Strategy, (5) How to Launch a #76 USA Today Bestseller, (6) Lee and Nick Review Each Other's 2021 Strategies and (7) The $250k Strategy 
  • Strategy Library: Other Authors: over 7 hours of strategy sessions where Lee and I gave feedback to authors in a variety of genres feedback on their strategies.  
  • Platform Assessment Checklist + Walkthrough: outlines the process Nick uses to plug marketing leaks in authors’ platforms to generate more passive sales / subscribers. Spreadsheet checklist included so you don’t miss a single thing and can quickly self-assess your platform.
  • Advanced Amazon Ads: six videos outlining the system I've used to run over 7-figures in Amazon spend in 2022. 

A quick summary of just a few of the Ultimate Edition highlights:

Six-Figure Kindle Countdown Deal Strategy

Detailed breakdown of a strategy Nick has used to help multiple clients build to six figures. (2:13).

5-Figure KU Launch Case Study

A step-by-step breakdown of a 2020 release in Lee’s Berserkers series, including best creatives, strategy, and numbers (54m).

The $250k Strategy

Step-by-step breakdown of an actual strategy I used to help an author more than double their revenue and build to over a quarter million dollars in 2022.

6-Figure Translations

Lee breaks down the keys to how she’s made over 6-figures translating her books into German, Italian, French and more (30m).

Advanced Amazon Ads

Six videos outlining the process Nick has used to manage over 7-figures in Amazon Ad spend in 2022.  Find out how to analyze your ads' performance with a proven system, down to which keywords are working (and which ones aren't). 

And the piece you’ll find absolutely nowhere else:

20+ strategy reviews (over 7 hours) where Nick and Lee break down and analyze author strategies from multiple genres and income levels. Genres include:



Paranormal Cozy


Contemporary Romance

Paranormal Romance

Sci-Fi Romance


Regency Romance

Sweet Romance

Dark Romance

Academy Romance

These are totally unlike anything you’ll find in any other course. Watch how a variety of different authors approach their strategy to help craft your own. (And I didn’t even talk about the 8+ hours of class replays diving into detail on newsletters, branding, and a ton more content.)

No question here. I wanted to say thanks to Lee and Nick for putting this challenge together.

I've done plenty of courses, but this is by far the best value for money. I've been in this game for *gasp* seven years, and although I reached good income levels in 2018, I operated on pure panic. So, I burned out and everything collapsed. Why? Because my business back-end is a goddamn mess (<- said with the upmost love).

I knew I needed to sort things out, but the overwhelm meant I kept chasing new tactics, new books, new tropes, looking for that magic answer.

With the ideas here, I'm finally finding my loose threads. The little tweaks that are easily overlooked. And yeah, once I pull on those threads I realise my whole brand unravels, but I'm excited to see it put back together stronger, cleaner, and representative of the respect deserved for the work I've put into it.

Thank you again, guys.

This challenge really has been an enormous weight off my shoulders, and I truly appreciate that.


This course has been just what I needed. After looking at everything and opening my eyes a bit after a few years in hibernation, I can see how good my brand and platform really is. It's been chugging along without a lot of input from me over the last several years. Because I set it up very similarly to what was outlined in this course.

Being aware of what a solid foundation I have is so motivating. I feel like I really can 5X or 10X my business if I'm willing to put in the time and work.

It is so exciting for me and I am just thrilled to be moving again. Being around others with the same mindset is so, so important to help you stay focused.

I'm super grateful to Lee and Nick. Thank you.

2021 is going to be an awesome year!


Frequently Asked Questions


Lee and I decide whether to run the course again on a year-by-year basis. If we run the course again, it will re-open either in Nov / Dec 2023, or early 2024. 


Yes, the course is designed to be adaptable to all income / skill levels. You’ll be creating a custom marketing strategy based on your current situation. So whether you’re publishing your first book or have been making six-figures for years, the course will help you gain clarity and help you to focus on exactly what you need to do to get to the next level.


The course content can be accessed in the Course Area at


This course is not about giving you tons of information. It’s about teaching the skill of building a strategy. The framework provided by the 1-Page Strategy Template cuts through all the noise and distills all that information into something clear that you can take action on.

This is invaluable, and totally unique; there are plenty of places to get information. But basically none are focused on execution. Instead, they overwhelm you.

Six-Figure Author Strategy 2023 is the exact opposite. You’re not going to leave with an endless to-do list of things you can do. If you fill out the 1 Page Template, you’re going to leave only with the list of things that will specifically move the needle for you.


You do not have to join the Facebook Group, however you will be unable to participate in discussions.


Yes, for the Ultimate Edition you can do one payment of $699, or do 4 monthly payments of $199. You receive immediate access to all material regardless of whether you choose to pay in full upfront or monthly. 


No, Nick and Lee will not provide direct feedback on your strategy in the group or via email for either the Standard or Ultimate editions. 1-on-1 strategy sessions from Nick only are available as an add-on on the checkout page.


You can download the strategy sheets and use them as often as you like. You will be able to access the sheets, replays, strategy library, and other course material until December 31, 2023.



Your Guarantee.

If you watch the walkthrough video and follow along, we guarantee that you will walk away with your strategy mapped out for 2023 based on… Your Goals. Your Strengths. Your Writing Speed. Your Release Schedule. Your Ad Spend. Not Anyone Else’s.

And if you do join Six-Figure Author Strategy 2023 and DO NOT feel that you now have a crystal clear roadmap that will help you crush 2023, just contact us within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund. No questions asked.