Scaling Mastery Pro

An advanced system for tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and scaling your ads.

(That you can implement in just 6 weeks. Really.)  

Here's a case study on how I slashed ad costs by over 50% using the system you'll learn in Scaling Mastery Pro.

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“I have no idea what f*(!@(!@ ads are working.

If you’ve ever said something like this when looking at your ad data, don’t worry (perhaps you even threw in a few more bad words for good measure). You’re not alone.

Not knowing which of your marketing efforts is working is an age-old problem.

As legendary businessman John Wanamaker once famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

That was all the way back in the 1900s.

So this problem has plagued marketers for years. And it still hounds them today.

Even though in 2023 we don’t have to waste half our money on non-working ads. We can be far more efficient with our dollars. And use them more effectively to sell books, grow our fanbase, and build a long-term career.

If we know which of our ads are working.

Most authors don’t know which of their ads are working, unfortunately. 

Which means most authors are probably wasting way more than half their ad dollars as they try to scale and optimize their ads.

But you don’t have to waste your money. And it starts with avoiding three key advertising myths.

So let`s talk about those.

The 3 Myths of Scaling


Ad "Secrets" are the Key to Boosting My Profitability

“What audience do I use on Facebook?”

“Do keywords work better than ASINs (or auto ads) on Amazon?”

“What’s working right now on…[insert platform here]?”

These are all common questions I get. At first glance, they might seem different. But, at their core, they’re all basically asking the same thing:

“Is there some secret I don’t know that’s preventing my ads from working?”

And the answer is…


But it's NOT the secret you probably think.

Because the real “secret” to running ads well and using them to sell books consistently is this: you need a repeatable process to determine what’s working. And what isn’t.

An analysis process that works for basically anything.




Even whether a new platform feature is beneficial…or burning through stacks of your hard-earned cash.

Because if you can’t analyze what’s working yourself, you will always be at the mercy of trendy hacks. Or some ad platform feature shift. Or some course, book, or mastermind where people are hyping up the latest and greatest tactic and claiming that it sells books like crazy.

And sure, you can wait for someone else to let you know what works. Then trust that the person knows what they’re talking about (instead of just guessing or repeating info they heard from someone else, like a game of advertising telephone). And then you can throw your money at it, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

Sometimes this works (for a little bit, anyway). Most of the time, though, your money disappears into an advertising black hole.

This is the cycle of excitement and frustration most authors are permanently stuck in when it comes to the ads. Like a Groundhog Day loop that keeps them in the same place month after month, year after year.

But there’s actually a skeleton key that can answer pretty much any question you might have, from “which of my ads is working?” to “does this new trick work for my books?”

And it will work for essentially any ad platform.

Now, I understand this might sound like a BS fantasy. So I want to be very clear: this system isn’t a single “hack” or anything like that. It takes hard work and practice to learn this step-by-step, repeatable process. It took me years to figure out.

Luckily, though, it won’t take you years to learn it. Scaling Mastery Pro helps you skip all the frustrating trial and error. It’s designed so that if you watch and apply a video per day, it’ll take you around 6 weeks to implement the system.

That's all it takes to free yourself from the hamster wheel of tips, tricks, and hacks. 

Because the next time you encounter the latest trick everyone’s raving about, you don’t have to run to an author friend, or a group, or hope that a course posts a video on it.

You can apply the system. See if the latest and greatest thing works for your own books. Analyze the data yourself. And double down if it works (and stop if it doesn’t). With confidence.


Amazon Ad and Attribution Data Are Inaccurate

All right, so we gotta talk about the Amazon Ad and Attribution reporting. 

It’s all totally inaccurate and unreliable...right?

I mean, that's what practically every course and group is complaining about. The data is completely unreliable! The solution? Ignore it completely.

And this is a major mistake if you want to make your ads more effective.

Amazon's ad reporting isn't perfect when it comes to tracking sales or reads. No attribution system is. That'd be an unrealistic expectation.

But based on my data, it tends to be around 85 - 95% accurate depending on the situation.

If you set up the Attribution links correctly (most people don't).  

In Scaling Mastery Pro, I show how to set up your Amazon Attribution links, and analyze the data from them (as well as the Amazon Ads), to get the most accurate data as possible.

That way, you can know which ads are working. And which ads need to get voted off the marketing island.


A High Rank is Critical to Sell More Books/Scale

Rank is most people's primary goal when it comes to scaling. 

A better rank = more sales and page reads. 

This is so self-evident that it's rarely questioned. 

Except, from running dozens of campaigns for books that hit the Top 100 overall in the store...

Including multiple campaigns for books that hit the #1 overall spot...

I can tell you that authors have the relationship between rank and sales / page reads completely backward.

The truth: rank is primarily a byproduct of a lot of sales / page reads (borrows) rather than being a significant driver of sales / borrows itself. You get more sales / borrows as your rank goes up, sure. But that's because those are driving the rank.

The way you can confirm this is simple: after a viral TikTok, or a BookBub, if you don't advertise / market the book after its stratospheric rise up the charts, what happens? 

Its rank craters. Fast. That's because the actual catalyst driving the sales and borrows (the video or the BookBub Deal) is no longer doing so.

That makes rank a sort of rough measuring stick for how many sales / borrows you’re currently producing. But a high rank doesn’t drive a ton of visibility on its own.

So what's the key to scaling, then, if rank isn't the answer?

Simple. Generate more sales and borrows of your book.

Particularly Book 1, which is the series' primary entry point. 

Because let’s say you make $10 for every sale of Book 1 when factoring in sellthrough to the rest of the books in the series. This is a metric called revenue per sale (I go over how to calculate this as accurately as possible in a step-by-step video in the course; most courses / books teach incorrect methods for calculating this).

Knowing your revenue per sale is crucial if you’re trying to make more money from your ads.

Because if you sell 10 copies of Book 1 a month in this scenario, you make $100 (10 sales of Book 1 * $10 revenue per sale = $100). Not quite the result most of us are probably looking for.  

But if you sell 1000 copies of Book 1 a month instead...then you’d make $10,000.

So one of the key ways scale is focusing on selling more copies of your Book 1 via your ads (and generating more borrows of it, if you’re in Kindle Unlimited). (this system works for any book, by the way, not just Book 1; so if you're trying to sell Book 7, or a box set, don't worry, you're covered) 

This is great news, because you have way more control over selling more books than rank.

That is, if you understand what happens as you spend more money and scale up.

Which is that A) your cost per click goes up, and B) your conversion rate goes down.

In other words: the more you spend, the less efficient your ads get.

And if you don’t keep a close eye on your numbers, then you can end up underwater fast.

The system in Scaling Mastery Pro teaches you how to analyze these numbers, so you can adjust course as needed and really dial in your ad spend. And the included templates make it simple to track the key numbers that you need to know. So you can make adjustments before you drown. 

What’s Included

All the material in Scaling Mastery Pro is up-to-date and was freshly recorded in 2023.

Look, if you’re here, you’ve probably taken an ads course or two…and likely been underwhelmed.

And you may be asking: how is this course different than all the other ones I’ve taken?

So let me be clear:

Scaling Mastery Pro is NOT an ads course.

There is absolutely zero information on how to run Facebook, Amazon, or BookBub Ads (or any other type of ads, for that matter).

This is on purpose. It’s designed to be platform-agnostic and as evergreen as possible. Whereas most ads courses are obsolete within 6 months (if the information was ever useful to begin with...), Scaling Mastery Pro is designed to teach you principles and systems that will still work 5 – 10 years from now (about 80 – 90% of the content is designed to be evergreen).

The course teaches you a system for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing / scaling your ads that you won’t have to throw out completely in a few months.

Instead, you can actually build on and refine your knowledge over the coming years. Rather than starting from Square 1 with every ad platform update.

We’ve all heard the old cliché about teaching people how to fish. So I won’t repeat it here.

Scaling Mastery Pro teaches you how to fish.

Whether you want to do some (ad) fishing today or 2 years down the line.

Module 1 


In Module 1, we’ll kick things off with the foundation: The Internet Marketing Formula, which underpins how pretty much every product is marketed online, from dog food to shoes to books.

Next, we’ll break down the Amazon algorithms—what makes them tick, and what you can do to get them in your corner. Because while this course is largely evergreen, it’s important to understand key tactics that can massively amplify your advertising efforts. And the algos are one of the biggest book marketing amplifiers in existence.

Module 2 

Attribution Mastery

Most people think Amazon Attribution links are inaccurate and thus ignore one of the best ways to improve their ads.  In Module 2, we’ll dive deep into Amazon Attribution and why it’s essential for tracking and optimizing your ads' performance.

And I'll show you exactly how to set the links up properly step-by-step to ensure your data is as accurate as possible.


This is the heart of Scaling Mastery Pro: a step-by-step system with action exercises to help you implement the material. That means, if you follow along and apply what you watch in the videos, by the end of the course you'll have a complete system in place for tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and scaling your ads.

Module 3

Tracking Mastery

As an author, your three most valuable assets are 1) your books, 2) your newsletter, and 3) your data.

But your data is only valuable if you track regularly and understand how to store and organize all that information for retrieval at a moment’s notice. Otherwise your data is mostly useless. Which means most authors unfortunately are wasting one of their most valuable assets. 

And that’s why Module 3 is all about how to track and wrangle your data into a usable system (that doesn’t take hours a week to maintain). So you can make better analysis and marketing decisions. 

The system in Scaling Mastery Pro was originally developed to handle the massive amount of data I had to analyze as an agency owner running ads for 6- and 7-figure authors. So it’s robust enough to handle your tracking needs, whether you’re just starting out…or looking to scale to 7-figures.

With the provided advanced spreadsheet templates for Facebook, Amazon, and BookBub Ads, you’ll be able to extract valuable insights from your past (and present) data that were previously hidden. Spot patterns to improve your ads and double down on profitable marketing opportunities. And store your data long-term, so you can continue to reference it in the future.

Note: the advanced templates for storing and tracking your Facebook, Amazon, and BookBub Ads data will be added to the course in November 2023.

Module 4 

Analysis Mastery

In Module 4, we finally answer that pesky, omnipresent question “how do I know if my ads are working?” for good (and its buddy, "how do I know which ads are working") with two key metrics: cost per unit and revenue per click. 

Oh, and these analysis methods work on any ad platform (so long as you can use Amazon Attribution links on the ad platform to track sales and reads data, you can use this system).

Module 5 

Scaling & Optimization Mastery

To cap things off, in Module 5 we put everything together and dive deep into what it takes to optimizing and scale your ads.

And I demonstrate the actual principles and system in a Scaling Mega Case Study that shows you a real-world scaling example for a mystery / thriller series with the numbers, data, and analysis.


Advanced spreadsheet templates to help you organize, analyze, and store your data. And tools that will allow you to slice through your key numbers and analyze your data way quicker.

  • 5 Keys of Tracking Template: a spreadsheet system for tracking the key numbers for your author business
  • Advanced Amazon Ads Tracking Template: a Google Sheet for storing and analyzing performance data for the keywords, ASINs, and other targets you've run for your Amazon Sponsored Product ads.
  • Advanced Facebook Ads Tracking Template: a Google Sheet that stores and breaks out your Facebook Ad performance data by image, copy, headline, and audience. So you can quickly identify, re-use, and iterate on what's working to optimize and scale your ads.  
  • Advanced BookBub Ads Tracking Template: a Google Sheet that stores and breaks out your BookBub Ad performance data by image, headline, sub-headline, and audience. So you can quickly identify, re-use, and iterate on what's working to optimize and scale your ads.
  • Amazon Ads Calculator tool: a Google Sheet calculator that will automatically analyze the performance of your keywords, ASINs, auto, or category ads. All you have to do is copy and paste in your data and let the spreadsheet do the rest. 
  • Marketing Multitool: a Google Sheet for analyzing your ads and marketing data in a variety of ways.
Bonus Module: Testing Mini Case Studies

Five bite-sized case studies diving deep into a specific question, how I tested it, along with data from actual tests. 

  1. 1
    Which Ad Performed Best?
  2. 2
    Which Audience Performed Best?
  3. 3
    Which Ad Platform Performed Best?
  4. 4
    Which Amazon Targeting Type Performed Best?
  5. 5
    Comparing Revenue Per Click Methods
Bonus Course: 80/20 Advanced Facebook Ads

A full (4+ hours) Facebook Ads course using the Scaling Mastery Pro system. This is an 80/20 course with zero fluff, designed to help you level up your ads game from intermediate to advanced. Or, if you're already advanced, it will show you how to apply automations that can improve your ads' efficiency and dramatically slash your management time. 

Fully up-to-date and recorded in 2023.

Includes three modules:

  1. 1
    Facebook Creatives
  2. 2
    Facebook Exponential Turbo A/B Testing
  3. 3
    Revealbot Advanced Ads Automation
Additional Bonuses
  • Rank Mastery Cheat Sheet: a reference of the approximate number of units it takes to hit various ranks in the US, UK, and DE stores, derived from working on dozens of books that hit the Top 100.
  • Key Metric Benchmarks Cheat Sheet: CPC and conversion benchmarks, so you know whether your ad metrics are in line with expectations.

Scaling Mastery Pro: AI Edition

AI and optimizing / scaling your ads go together like peanut butter and jelly. So I'm offering a special combo deal when you pick up Scaling Mastery Pro along with the AI Author Marketing Accelerator: Ultimate Edition course. 

The AI Author Marketing Accelerator: Ultimate Edition will be $699 when it opens later in November. 

Right now, though, you can get it for just $499 (save $200) when you pick it up with Scaling Mastery Pro.

Which means in December 2023, you'll get access to 5 live classes showing you up-to-date, cutting edge strategies on how you can use AI to accelerate your marketing:

  • Prompt Engineering from Beginner to Advanced: Monday, December 4 @ 2 PM EST
  • The 4x AI Marketing System: Friday, December 8 @ 2 PM EST
  • 80/20 AI Images for Marketing: Monday, December 11 @ 2 PM EST
  • 80/20 AI Data Analysis: Friday, December 15 @ 2 PM EST (Ultimate Exclusive)
  • 80/20 Implementation Session: Create a Month’s Worth of Marketing Material in 1 Hour: Monday, December 18 @ 2 PM EST (Ultimate Exclusive)

These live classes will run around 90 minutes each (replays will be provided if you can't make it live). The implementation session will be around 60 minutes. Each class has accompanying action exercises so you can apply the material to your own author business. This is not just a bunch theory; we're going to be sitting down and actually doing tons of stuff.  

Plus, you'll also receive an exclusive Ultimate-only pre-recorded video in December 2023 on How to Turn Almost Any Marketing Resource Into Your Own Personal AI Consultant.

Get the course

Want the complete Scaling Mastery Pro system for tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and scaling your ads? 

Note: the advanced tracking templates for Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, and BookBub Ads will be added to the course in November 2023. These templates are designed to work for ads running to books on Amazon. If you're wide / selling direct, you can modify them if you have spreadsheet skills, but the versions included won't track wide / direct sales out of the box.

Scaling Mastery Pro

  • 5 Modules teaching you the (1) foundational principles of optimizing and scaling, (2) how to properly use Amazon Attribution (3) track (4) analyze, and (5) optimize / scale your ads
  • 5 Keys of Tracking Template
  • Advanced Facebook Ads Tracking Template
  • Advanced Amazon Ads Tracking Template
  • Advanced BookBub Ads Tracking Template
  • Amazon Ads calculator
  • Marketing Multitool
  • Bonus: Testing Mini Case Studies Module
  • Bonus: 80/20 Advanced Facebook Ads Course (4+ hours of up-to-date content)
  • Bonus: Rank Mastery and Key Metric Benchmarks Cheat Sheets

$1499 (or 4x $399)

Scaling Mastery Pro: AI Edition

  • 5 Modules teaching you the (1) foundational principles of optimizing and scaling, (2) how to properly use Amazon Attribution (3) track (4) analyze, and (5) optimize / scale your ads
  • 5 Keys of Tracking Template
  • Advanced Facebook Ads Tracking Template
  • Advanced Amazon Ads Tracking Template
  • Advanced BookBub Ads Tracking Template
  • Amazon Ads calculator
  • Marketing Multitool
  • Bonus: Testing Mini Case Studies Module
  • Bonus: 80/20 Advanced Facebook Ads Course (4+ hours of up-to-date content)
  • Bonus: Rank Mastery and Key Metric Benchmarks Cheat Sheets
  • AI Author Marketing Accelerator: Ultimate Edition (5 live classes in December 2023)

$1999 (or 4x $525)

1-on-1 Scaling Mastery Workshop

  • Scaling Mastery Pro and AI Author Marketing Accelerator: Ultimate Edition courses
  • (8) weekly 60 – 90 minute 1-on-1 sessions where I teach you the ad platform of your choice and help you personally implement and customize the system for your books
  • 8 weekly assignments customized to improve your skills as quickly as possible, with direct feedback from me


Contact me directly at [email protected] if you’re interested in the 1-on-1 workshop.

I often get asked if I’ll offer a course again in the future.

So I'll answer that right now: it’s extremely unlikely that I will ever offer Scaling Mastery Pro again.

But even if I do…think about how much 6 months or a year (or however long it might be) is costing you in wasted ad spend.

If you’re wasting just $30/day on an inefficient ad…this course will pay for itself in less than 2 months.

And that doesn’t even factor in the boost to your career if you reinvest that previously wasted money into more effective ads—and the additional sales, readers, and fans that can generate over months and years.

So you can wait another six months or a year. But it might cost you thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars.

Or, in six weeks, you can know how to analyze your ads. And be confident in what’s working. And what doesn’t.

I want to be very clear: there is no guarantee you can scale your ads. It’s hard to run profitable ads. I can’t promise you that the ads will work for a given book. 

What Scaling Mastery Pro offers you, however, is the ability to know whether things are working or not.

Which gives you the ability to stop pushing a boulder uphill when things aren’t going to work.

And allocate more time and effort toward the things that will.

So if you're tired of chasing the latest ad trick, tactic, or hack...

And want to get answers for yourself...

Then this course is for you.

Refund Policy.

Since Scaling Mastery Pro contains downloadable materials like templates, there are absolutely no refunds for any reason.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to scale your ads or run them profitably. I’m not a wizard who has magical powers, so I can’t promise that.

Most books and series don’t work with ads and will be unprofitable. If you’re vaporizing hundreds or thousands of ad dollars a month, then the information here won’t help you scale (there are no secret hacks or tricks). What this course will allow you to do is actually track and analyze the ad data so you KNOW how things are performing. And if they're not performing well, then you can redirect that money toward more efficient marketing avenues.

Who Scaling Mastery Pro is NOT for

I want you to be super excited when you dive into the material within Scaling Mastery Pro and get a ton out of the course. And the system taught in the course can be transformative for your ads if you're at the right point in your career.

So I want to be clear about who the course is not a good fit for:

  1. Scaling Mastery Pro is advanced level content. It assumes that you already have a solid grasp of book marketing fundamentals and have published multiple books. If you are just starting out it’s unlikely this course will be helpful / applicable.
  2. If you only have standalones or short series (e.g., trilogies), this course can help you analyze the data and determine how your ads are performing. However, unless you have a 5+ book series, it’s unlikely that you will be able to scale the ads (and many series you won't be able to run ads profitably to at all, regardless of how many books are in it).
  3. If you do not have professional covers / blurbs, this course will not help you and investing the money into your packaging rather than this course will yield much better results.
  4. People looking for an ads course. You already need to know how to run ads on at least one platform (Facebook, Amazon, or BookBub) to use this course to analyze your data. There IS NO INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO RUN ADS ON ANY AD PLATFORM. E.g., click here on Facebook, use this setting on Amazon, and so forth. There is NONE of that. When I mean none, I mean ZERO. I repeat: ZERO. So if you want to specifically learn how to run Facebook Ads or Amazon Ads or whatever, Scaling Mastery Pro is NOT what you’re looking for.
  5. People who do not follow directions / don’t want to do action exercises. This is not a choose your own adventure course. This is not an “I’ll watch the videos and learn how to do this stuff magically without taking any action” course. This is not “I will do the action exercises half-assed and get results” course. You need to go through the videos in the order outlined and actually do the exercises. Otherwise this will be a huge waste of your time.
  6. People who think that the Amazon Attribution and Amazon Ads data is wrong / unreliable. If you believe this, that’s fine, but the entire system is based on analyzing and making decisions based on this data, so the course won’t be a good fit if that’s the case.
  7. If you absolutely hate spreadsheets / don’t use them, then this course is not for you. Spreadsheets are required to track and analyze the data. I mean required as in the system does NOT work if you do not use the spreadsheets that we’ll be filling out during the course (or your own versions of them). If you’re comfortable with spreadsheets, you can adapt the concepts / principles to your own tracking system and spreadsheets, but you need to use some sort of spreadsheet here, otherwise the analysis is impossible.
  8. People who want direct feedback on their ads / me to directly help them troubleshoot the process / me to look at their spreadsheet formulas etc. This is 100% self-guided: you do the work yourself. I will not provide feedback on your ads, look at your spreadsheets, help you troubleshoot, or anything else. You should expect for this material to be challenging and advanced, which means certain lessons will likely take some time to apply and learn. For those looking for 1-on-1 feedback, please reach out to me about a consulting call; that may be a better fit for your situation.


If you fall into any of these categories don’t buy Scaling Mastery Pro. The course will not be helpful for your current situation. 

Please go watch the case study at the top of this page if you're on the fence; if you like the codes and spreadsheets, then it's likely this course will be a good fit. If you hate those or have zero interest in applying them yourself, then you won't find the course helpful. 

Finally, if the current price is a significant amount of money to you right now, I understand that. If this is the case, the course is probably not a good fit. You need money to test and iterate on your ads based on the analysis, and if you’re unable to invest in doing that, you’ll be unable to apply the course material.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the material for?

You will have access to the course material until December 31, 2024. If I continue offering the course at that point, you will continue to receive access without having to repurchase it.

Is there a minimum amount I should be spending on ads for the course to be useful?

There’s no minimum amount you need to be currently spending. The analysis system will work whether you’re spending $5/day or $500. However, the course will probably be most useful to people currently spending $1,000 or more on ads, since at smaller ad spends you won’t see as noticeable of an impact and data is slower to accumulate.

Does this system work in any genre?

I’ve marketed books in pretty much every major genre: romance, thriller / crime / mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. So yes, this system is designed to work across various genres.

Does this have any information about HOW TO RUN Amazon / Facebook / BookBub Ads etc.?

No, this course has no information about how to run ads on a specific platform. It is designed to teach you a tracking and analysis system that’s platform agnostic and can be applied to any ad platform (whether it currently exists or comes out five years from now).

Do I need to know how to run ads on at least 1 platform before taking this course?

Yes, you will need to know how to run ads on Amazon, Facebook, or BookBub before taking Scaling Mastery Pro.

Will this work for selling direct / wide?

The techniques and analysis methods will work for wide and direct sales. The tracking templates included for Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon are currently designed only for Amazon sales and page read data. These can be modified / adapted if you have spreadsheet skills (or hire a freelancer) to analyze the sales data from wide retailers or selling direct, however.

What ad platforms will this work with?

The system taught in the course will work with any ad platform where you can use Amazon Attribution links, since those are required to track sales and page read data. It will also work with Amazon Ads. So basically any platform.

The advanced tracking templates included will help you store and analyze your ads data for Facebook, Amazon, and BookBub.

Are spreadsheets skills required to use the system?

Yes, you need to be able to use spreadsheets to apply the system. Spreadsheets are required to store / organize your data and perform the analysis in Scaling Mastery Pro. If you’re not comfortable with spreadsheets, don’t purchase this course; this is not a spreadsheets course and it does not teach you how to use spreadsheet formulas etc.

Will there be updates?

I am releasing new advanced spreadsheet tracking templates in November 2023 for Facebook, Amazon, and BookBub. Beyond that, I don’t currently have any updates planned because this course is designed to be mostly evergreen. The system here has been tested and refined over multiple years and over 7-figures in ad spend. So it’s been well honed at this point. If I do release any new material in Scaling Mastery Pro in the future, however, current members of the course will receive it for free without having to pay again. 

Will you give me 1-on-1 feedback on my ads / help me troubleshoot my spreadsheets etc.?

No. Scaling Mastery Pro is designed to teach you how to analyze your ads and set things up yourself. You will need to know how to run ads and use spreadsheets before taking the course to maximize its utility. Direct feedback or troubleshooting from me is not included with the course. If you’re looking for 1-on-1 feedback, a consulting call may be a better fit; you can reach out to me and see if that would be more useful for your current situation.

Is there a Facebook Group for SCALING MASTERY PRO?