Scaling Mastery Pro

Who is Scaling Mastery Pro For?

Scaling Mastery Pro is for basically anyone who’s ever wanted an actual answer to the question “are my ads working?” (and its corollary, “which ads are working?”)

This course is that answer.

It will help you analyze your ads’ performance, down to how much they’re making per click. Regardless of what ad platform you’re using.

The goal is to figure out which ads are working, scale those winners up, and eliminate the poor performers. Or just optimize your ad spend (if you don’t want to scale). Or shut the ads off if they all suck (which happens. But at least you’ll know it and can adjust accordingly).

This is not a bunch of tactics and tricks that will be obsolete in 3 months. The system found in Scaling Mastery Pro is designed to be as evergreen as possible so you’ll be able to apply the principles, skills, and analysis techniques you learn today five or ten years from now to new ad platforms / marketing opportunities etc. as they arise.

Here’s an outline of what’s covered in Scaling Mastery Pro. There are 4 core sections. Note that all videos are pre-recorded (i.e., there is no live component to Scaling Mastery Pro).

The Foundation

In Section 1, We’ll kick things off with the key formula that underpins all marketing. Then we’ll dive into the Amazon Algorithm and what makes it tick. Finally, we’ll look at Amazon Attribution and why it’s essential to tracking and optimizing your ad performance. And we’ll break down how to set the links up properly to ensure the data is accurate.

The System

This is the heart of the course. It’s a step-by-step system with action exercises to help you implement. That means by the end you have everything set up to track, analyze, optimize, and scale your ads.

  • (Section 2) Tracking Mastery: wrangle all your data into a usable format to make better analysis decisions and improve your ads
  • (Section 3) Analysis Mastery: How to answer the question “are my ads working” using key metrics
  • (Section 4) Scaling & Optimization Mastery: The Mega Case Study: How to optimize and scale up your ads, using an actual real world case study to demonstrate. Weekly updates posted each Monday during March 2023, starting March 6. So you get to watch someone who does this for a living scale in real time. With no net. That means no making things look better / smoother than they actually are. The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Hopefully a lot more good than the other stuff, but you’ll see it all play out either way)

Section 5: Mini Case Studies

Note: these will be released throughout April

(5) Bite-sized 15 minute or less case studies exploring a single question like “which ad performed better?”, with actual data.


Spreadsheet templates to help you organize your data. And tools that will allow you to slice through your analysis quicker.

  • 5 Keys of Tracking Template: a spreadsheet template for tracking the key aspects of your author business
  • Amazon Ads Calculator tool: a Google Sheet calculator that will automatically analyze your keywords’ performance
  • Marketing Multitool: a Google Sheet that can be used to analyze your ads and marketing data in a variety of ways


  • Rank Mastery Cheat Sheet: a reference of the approximate number of units it takes to hit various ranks in the US, UK, and DE stores
  • Key Metric Benchmarks: CPC and conversion benchmarks


Scaling Mastery Pro is advanced level content. It assumes that you already have a solid grasp of book marketing fundamentals, have published multiple books, and have run ads before. It also assumes that you can use spreadsheets. If you are just starting out it’s unlikely this material will be helpful / applicable.

Next: there is no guarantee here that you’ll be able to scale your ads or even run your ads profitably. I want to be very clear on that. What this course will allow you to do is actually analyze the ad data so you KNOW how things are performing. Most books and series don’t work with ads and will be unprofitable. If you’re vaporizing hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, then the information here won’t help you scale (there are no secret hacks or tricks). But it will help you redirect that money toward more efficient marketing avenues.

Other important notes on who this course is not for:

  • People looking for an ads course. You already need to know how to run ads on at least one platform (Facebook, Amazon, or BookBub) to use this course to analyze your data. There IS NO INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO RUN ADS ON ANY AD PLATFORM. E.g., click here on Facebook, use this setting on Amazon, and so forth. There is NONE of that. When I mean none, I mean ZERO. I repeat: ZERO. So if you want to specifically learn how to run Facebook Ads or Amazon Ads or whatever, this course will NOT be what you’re looking for.
  • People who do not follow directions / don’t want to do action exercises. This is not a choose your own adventure course. This is not an “I’ll watch the videos and learn how to do this stuff magically without taking any action” course. This is not “I will do the action exercises half-assed and get results” course. You need to go through the videos in the order outlined and actually do the exercises. Otherwise this will be a huge waste of your time.
  • People who think that the Amazon Attribution and Amazon Ads data is wrong / unreliable. If you believe this, that’s fine, but the entire system is based on analyzing this data, so this won’t be a good fit if that’s the case.
  • If you absolutely hate spreadsheets / don’t use them, then this course is not for you. They are required to track and analyze the data. I mean required as in the system does NOT work if you do not use the spreadsheets that we’ll be filling out during the course (or your own versions of them). If you’re skilled with spreadsheets, you can adapt the concepts / principles to your own tracking system and spreadsheets, but you need to use some sort of spreadsheet here, otherwise the analysis is impossible.
  • People who want direct feedback on their ads / me to directly help them troubleshoot the process / me to look at their spreadsheet formulas etc. This is 100% self-guided: you do the work yourself. I will not provide feedback on your ads, look at your spreadsheets, help you troubleshoot, or anything else. You should expect for this material to be challenging and advanced, which means certain lessons will likely take some time to apply and learn. For those looking for 1-on-1 feedback, please reach out to me about a consulting call; that may be a better fit for your situation.
  • If you only have standalones or short series (e.g., trilogies), this course can help you analyze the data and determine how your ads are performing. However, unless you have a 5+ book series, it’s unlikely that you will be able to scale the ads (and many series you can’t run ads profitably to at all, regardless of how many books are in it).
  • If you do not have professional covers / blurbs, this course will not help you and investing the money into your packaging rather than this course will yield much better results.

Finally, if the current price is a significant amount of money to you right now, I understand that. If this is the case, the course is probably not a good fit. You need money to test and tweak your ads based on the analysis, and if you’re unable to invest in doing that, you’ll be unable to apply the course material.


This course has a lot of downloadable templates / calculators / references. So I can’t offer any refunds for any reason. I want you to be super excited about this course and get a ton out of the material. That means if you are not committed to doing the action exercises or fall under any of the categories outlined above in “who this is not for,” don’t buy Scaling Mastery Pro.

Also, just to reiterate: there is absolutely no guarantee that you will be able to scale your ads or run them profitably. I’m not a wizard who has magical powers, so I can’t do that. This is about teaching you the skills you need to analyze the data, thus allowing you to make much more informed marketing decisions.


AI is nitro fuel for scaling and optimizing your ads, allowing you to come up with new marketing ideas at crazy speeds. I’m holding a live AI Workshop in April where we’ll dive deep into how to use AI tools to accelerate and amplify our marketing and advertising efforts. There are (2) 2 hour live sessions that will be held over Zoom:

  • AI Workshop Session 1: Monday April 3 @ 2 PM EST
  • AI Workshop Session 2: Monday April 10@ 2 PM EST

These sessions are not just about passively sitting back and listening / watching; we’ll actually be doing stuff live. There will be replays provided if you can’t make it live. The AI Workshop will be priced at $499 when it’s offered on its own. But you can get it bundled with Scaling Mastery Pro as a pre-order here for 50% off.

SCALING MASTERY PRO is currently closed


How long will I have access to the material for?

You will have access to the course material until December 31, 2023. If I continue offering the course at that point, you will continue to receive access without having to repurchase it.

How much ad spend do I need to be running to have data to analyze?

There’s no minimum amount; the analysis system will work whether you’re spending $5/day or $500. However, the course will probably be most useful to people currently spending $1,000 or more on ads, since at smaller ad spends you won’t see as noticeable of an impact.

Will there be updates?

I don’t currently have any updates planned because this course is designed to be mostly evergreen. The system here has been tested and refined over multiple years and over 7-figures in ad spend. So it’s been well honed at this point.

Will you give me 1-on-1 feedback on my ads / help me troubleshoot my spreadsheets etc.?

No. This course is designed to teach you how to analyze your ads and set things up yourself. You will need to know how to run ads and use spreadsheets before the course to maximize its utility. Direct feedback or troubleshooting from me is not included with the course. If you’re looking for 1-on-1 feedback, a consulting call may be a better fit; you can reach out to me and see if that would be more useful for your current situation.

Is there a Facebook Group for the course?


I just want the live AI Workshop. Can I get the 50% discount on that?

No, the 50% discount on the AI Workshop is only available when you purchase the two courses together.

Will the AI Workshop be available by itself?

Yes, that will be available on its own later in March for $499.