Cut Your Marketing Time by 50%+

Increase Your Writing Speed by 25%+

(and, oh by the way, make it higher quality, too)

Cut Your Marketing Time by 50%+

Increase Your Writing Speed by 25%+

(and, oh by the way, make it higher quality, too)

As authors, we have to do pretty much everything. And this business seems to move at warp speed. Just finished writing a book? Now write another. Made two ads? Okay, make five more.

The work never ends. And there's just never enough time.

So, if you’re anything like me, then it can sometimes feel like you’re on an endless author treadmill cranked up to top speed. At best, sprinting to stay in place. But even the slightest pause in the production causes everything to rapidly start moving backward.

But recently I found something that can finally cut through that endless to do list.

Let me explain with a brief story.

A few days ago, I had to write 10 new pieces of ad copy in 26 minutes. 

Why 26 minutes? Well, I had a Zoom class where I had to present the ads. So either they were done...or they weren't. 

Now, I'd written hundreds of pieces of ad copy before. It’s a central part of managing ads. So I’d developed lots of tricks for cranking out high quality marketing materials at scale. Fast.

Unfortunately, this time, the clock ran out.

So I only got 7.

7 is pretty good for less than half an hour…but unless my math is off, it still isn't quite 10.

Which is a familiar refrain, right, for authors everywhere: not enough hours in the day to do everything we need to do.

Always behind. Never quite ahead.

As an author, I know that writing more books = more money.

As a marketer, I know that testing more ad ideas = more money.

But time and energy are finite resources. And I didn't have enough of either to get to all the stuff that I wanted to do. 

So I knew I needed a new process. 

First, though, I had to give the class. (That went well.)

Then, after it was over, I finished up the other 3 pieces of copy. But this time, instead of doing them all by hand, I got help from an AI tool (ChatGPT, to be exact; you know, that thing everyone’s been talking about).

And it cranked out those three pieces of copy in under a minute. With rewrites, additions, and ideas from me, let’s call it under 5 minutes.

And they also looked good. These captured my attention, even with rudimentary techniques (what I’ll teach you in the workshop is way more refined and will get you much better / faster results.)

But you never really know until you test something and see the numbers.

A few days later, though, the results were in. There were 3 winning ads.

2 of the three winners were the ones I'd written with the help of AI.

And when I saw those results, it clicked: here was a set of tools that could drastically reduce my workload as an author and marketer.

So I could finally make a dent in that seemingly endless to-do list.

Finally actually…get ahead. And produce even better work at the same time. (I know, crazy, right?)

Now, I understand there’s a lot of hype (and fear) about AI. So let’s state two things right off the bat:

  • The hype is real. This is probably the most important writing technology since the printing press (yes, as in back in the 1400s). And it’s the biggest productivity booster since the word processor.
  • AI isn't something to replace us as authors. It's just a tool that makes us better. If you don’t use it, then yeah, you have every reason to be afraid. Because it’s truly game changing tech. Imagine penning all your manuscripts by hand and trying to compete with a writer who has access to Microsoft Word. It’d be basically impossible. Using AI v. not using AI is like that advantage multiplied by 100. And if you’re wary about people flooding the market with terrible AI-generated content (or even about AI potentially replacing you as an author), then that’s all the more reason to learn about and master these tools now. Because quality will win in the end. And the future is one where AI helps improve the quality of your marketing and writing (in less time).

And here’s the good news: AI is still in its beginning stages. So you’re still well ahead of the curve. 

If you jump in now.

Now I know that most authors don’t have a ton of extra time just lying around to research a bunch of new AI stuff that might have the vague chance of being useful. And even those who do would probably prefer to have a head start, rather than spending hours hitting dead ends.

(Seriously, there's so much nonsense out there.)

That’s why I’ve spent a ton of time relentlessly testing tools, experimenting with different workflows, tweaking prompts, and coming up with formulas. Then I've curated all that information down to what actually works. Finally, I've spent a bunch more hours figuring out how to apply all this information specifically for authors. And added a ton of my own ideas that you won't find anywhere else (even in the actually helpful resources). 

And I’ll be sharing it all (only the best stuff, none of the aforementioned nonsense) with the authors who join me in the AI Author Accelerator Workshop.

Workshop Details.

The AI Accelerator Workshop includes replays covering how to write a killer prompt, plus (2) live group sessions held over Zoom in April 2023:

Live Session 1  - Friday April 21 @ 9 PM EST

How to 4x Your Marketing Output in 1/2 the Time using Exponential AI Marketing (90 Minutes)

Plus: a bonus 1 hour live Marketing Implementation Session on Monday, April 24 @ 2:00 PM EST. So you can apply your new skills to create a bunch of new marketing materials right away. 

Live Session 2  - Friday April 28 @ 8:30 PM EST

How to Write a Novel in 7 Days (with the help of AI) (that's actually good). (2 hours)

We’re gonna dive deep into how to use AI tools to amplify and improve your current marketing, advertising, and writing. These sessions are not just about passively sitting back and listening / watching. We’ll actually be doing exercises live. So you can not only learn the skills, but also generate usable stuff for your marketing and writing. That means you’ll walk away with new marketing materials and skills that you can actually use in your work right away.

Not just a bunch of theory that collects dust forever and never gets applied.

There will be replays provided if you can’t make it live (but I highly recommend doing so).

The workshop is live for two reasons:

I can bring you the absolute most cutting edge content available

It’s almost always an exaggeration when people say that an industry is changing every day. But with AI, it’s actually the truth. Crazy new developments are dropping all the time. By teaching the content live, I can share the latest and greatest stuff with you in April. And that way you’re ahead of the curve.

We can actually get work done

You know all those courses you buy with the best of intentions, watch one video, then never watch anything again? Yeah, that’s not this. There are exercises we’ll do as a group.  So you'll walk away with actual stuff to help you with your marketing and writing.

What We'll Cover

  • Prompt Engineeringhow to write a killer prompt that generates better output (instead of the same generic BS everyone else is getting)
  • Prompt Chaining: how to build a conversation over time to get better and better quality results
  • Inputting Information: ChatGPT mostly only goes back to 2021. But we can feed it stuff from our manuscripts, books, and other information it doesn’t have. I’ll show you how.
  • Rapid Market Researchyou know, that thing that everyone knows they should do…but basically never happens? I’ll show you ways to shortcut the research process while getting way higher quality output.
  • Synthesizingsummarize and synthesize information to make connections that you otherwise would have missed.
  • Infinite Ideashow to turn AI into your own ultimate ideation machine, just a click (and a prompt or two) away.
  • The Art of Formula Craftingone half of the advanced secret sauce to getting high quality results from tools like ChatGPT
  • Reverse Engineering: the other half of the advanced secret sauce that allows you to come up with new marketing and writing frameworks from existing materials.
  • Exponential Creatives: how to generate taglines, headlines, ad copy, blurbs, and more in minutes instead of hours. 4x your output in ½ the time. (With it actually being, you know, usable.)
  • How to Write a Novel in 7 Days: my processes for using AI to turbocharge your writing output and write a quality novel in 7 days (or just speed up the process in general if you want to take a bit more time). Learn methods for using AI for plot outlining, scenes, scenes-sequels, character arcs, sensory details, and more. And how to increase your writing speed by 25% or more.


Now let’s talk about a few problems people might be wondering about.


AI content is generic and will sound just like everything else.

This is absolutely the case…if you’re using the same prompts, skills, and approach as everyone else. Which is what 99% of authors will do. And they’ll get mediocre ads, blurbs, outlines, and other things that won’t sell any books.


This isn't one of those “Write your entire book with AI and do nothing” courses, is it?

No. Those courses are stupid and the “books” they produce are completely worthless. This is about using AI as a tool to learn quicker, come up with marketing ideas, enhance our existing writing, and make it better. Not about getting it to replace us or write entire manuscripts.


I’m worried this might not be specific enough for writers.

I've taken all the general advice and information out there about AI and specifically curated it for authors. This is all about how to use AI to help you as an author (not as a programmer, chef, data scientist or whatever). 


I don’t have time right now to learn something new.

That’s what I thought. ChatGPT (the tool that kicked off this whole trend) dropped in November 2022. I waited a couple months before checking it out.

Then, after using it for 2 minutes, I realized that I needed to catch up. Immediately. Because by the end of 2023, AI is going to be everywhere. And if you don’t start using it now, then it’s only going to take longer to get up to speed.

This workshop condenses everything you need to know into two zero-fluff sessions. So whether you’re already using AI or just starting out, you’ll leave with the skills necessary to stay ahead of the AI curve. 


I’m not super technical / computer savvy. Will this work?

Have you sent a text message before?

If so, then you have all the technical skills necessary to use the majority of AI tools without any further training. It really is that simple. The "secret sauce" is in your creativity and ability to come up with ideas. 

Note that if you're signing up for the Ultimate Edition, fine-tuning your own AI model does require more technical skills. I'll walk you through step-by-step, but if your technical skills are more limited, then I'd recommend sticking with the Standard Edition.


AI is changing how we work as authors. 

But how much is that actually worth to you?

I said earlier that AI can help you increase your writing speed by 25%.

Cut your marketing time by 50%.

That's up to a 75% increase in overall productivity.

Which means what used to take you 4 hours, with the help of AI, can take as little as 1 hour.

But let's be a bit more conservative because that type of leap (although achievable) might seem hard to imagine.

So let's say you "only" double your productivity. If you actually show up and do the work and practice, then it's possible this can happen. Meaning 4 hours of work now takes 2 hours with the help of AI.

At a rate of $25/hour, then the AI Author Accelerator would pay for itself in just 10 days. But your time is probably worth a lot more than $25/hour. Because books are long term assets that you can sell for years.

Which means if you double your yearly output, that additional production could be worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career.

That's just the money, though.

And while money is great, the biggest payoff here is something you can't measure in dollars.

But it's something you'll see and experience every day of your life.

So just picture yourself six months from now: you wake up. But instead of dreading all the stuff you've put off for days or weeks, you feel refreshed and focused. Because you're finally ahead on that work in progress. You have your marketing materials ready to go.

And so, instead of attacking your never-ending to do list, you decide to go for a walk. Eat breakfast with the kid(s). Get in that exercise regimen that has fallen by the wayside. Or even watch a movie in the middle of the day. Or maybe you just get started on writing for the day, because you don't have a million other things tugging at your attention. 

Whatever is important to you.

Whatever you didn't have time or energy for you can do that.

If that seems unbelievable...well that's what AI offers.

When it's used correctly.

And that can be your new reality—with the skills you'll learn in the workshop.


The AI Author Accelerator Workshop is $499

What’s included in the Standard Edition for $499:

  • (2x) live sessions (with replays) covering how to use AI to amplify your marketing (Session 1) and your fiction writing (Session 2).
  • 1 additional 60 minute live implementation session where you'll make a ton of marketing material to apply the skills you've just learned. 
  • Pre-recorded videos outlining the fundamentals of what you need to know about AI (28 minutes) and ChatGPT (9 minutes) and how to write a killer prompt, from beginner to advanced (56 minutes)
  • 80/20 Marketing Prompt and Formula Guide: plug and play marketing prompts / formulas tailored specifically for fiction authors that you can use to create high quality ad copy, taglines / headlines, and blurbs in seconds.
  • 80/20 Fiction Prompt and Formula Guide: plug and play writing prompts / formulas tailored specifically for fiction authors that you can use to create outlines, scenes, and more in seconds. 

If you want to take things even further, there's also an Ultimate Edition ($999) which includes a pre-recorded step-by-step breakdown of how to create your very own fine-tuned AI model based on your own marketing materials / writing (e.g.,  that knows all about your books, writing style, marketing material and so forth) that will release at the end of May 2023. Note that this will require some technical skills, so if you're not comfortable with diving into documentation etc. then I'd recommend the Standard Edition. 

Now, the workshop isn’t your only option, of course, if you want to dive deeper into AI.

You can:

  1. Ignore AI for a year until it becomes obvious that it’s critical, at which point you’re scrambling to catch up. This is the worst option, and not recommended. AI is really good at writing text already and it’s only getting better. Not using it in a few years would be akin to writing all your manuscripts long hand. Technically feasible, but makes it rather difficult to compete in the era of the word processor.
  2. Sort through all this AI stuff on your own (and, to be clear, almost all of it is complete nonsense and a waste of time). This takes a lot of time and effort (ask me how I know), but it is possible. 
  3. Take another AI course (since everyone and their grandmother is offering one at this point) that covers stuff you could figure out on your own in two minutes like telling ChatGPT to write 3 super generic taglines. Or find a good one that's 56 hours of content that will be outdated by the time you get around to watching it.
  4. Show up in April and get only the stuff that matters in around 4 hours. And walk away with a bunch of materials that you created on the call that you can use (along with the skills, prompts, and formulas needed to do it again in the future whenever you need to).

This is the exact course I wish had existed to teach me how to use AI in my author business.

But since it didn't exist, I had to learn the hard way.

That's why I decided to hold this workshop. So you can bypass my mistakes, the dead-ends, and avoid all the stuff that didn't move things forward. And get only the actionable material you need to know to make an immediate impact on your career.


Is this just a bunch of generic prompts / stuff I can find in a starter video on YouTube?

No. I’ve spent the last month test-driving a bunch of different tools to figure out what could help us as authors. I’ve taken only the best stuff and included it in this workshop. And I’ve gone way beyond the “write me 5 taglines for a thriller” type of prompts that everyone figures out Day 1. 

Does this just focus on ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, and other chat tools like Bing, are a big focus in the workshop because they can rapidly come up with ideas / text. This makes them a natural fit for what we do as authors. But they will not be the sole focus.

Will you offer the AI Author Accelerator Workshop again?

I don’t know. It’s a lot of work to put together a good course, and most of my time is spent actually applying this for my own business and for clients.

How long will the replays be available?

You will be able to watch the replays as many times as you’d like until December 31, 2023.

Will I get access to any future additional AI courses / content etc. you offer when I purchase the workshop?  

No, if I release any other AI courses in the future, they will be separate from this (to be clear: I have none planned at the current moment). The workshop is designed as a way to condense hours of learning into a super-espresso type of shot in a live setting. That way you get up to speed on the cutting edge principles, tactics, and most useful ways to incorporate AI into your career...without having to wade through mountains of terrible content and useless tools to find the handful of gems.


No Refunds

Since this is a live class and the prompt / formula guide can be downloaded, there are no refunds available.