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News: April 2021
New content:

  1. April 2021 Update
  2. The Rebuild: April 2021
  3. Amazon Ads
    1. Sponsored Brands (revised)
    2. Conversion Campaigns
    3. Search Term Reports
    4. Ad Spend Reports
    5. Making ACOS More Useful
    6. Research, Sales, and Conversion Campaigns
    7. Choosing Cutoff Points
    8. Why Are My Ads Not Profitable?
    9. RPS, RPB, and RPC
  4. Swipe File v2
  5. Best Practices v2
  6. Amazon Ads Estimator v1 + Explainer

Revised in March:

  1. Strategy: Direct PPC Ads
  2. Strategy: KCDs
  3. Facebook: Effective Creative
  4. BookBub: Aggregating Smaller Audiences Together
  5. BookBub: Using Large Audiences in Other Regions and on Other Retailers
  6. Amazon: 15m Amazon Ads
  7. Amazon: Category Ads
  8. Amazon: Profitability Estimator Tool Walkthrough
Course Materials
  • Excel Multitool v1.7 (XLS)
  • Amazon Ads Profit Estimator v0.9 (XLS)
  • Profit & Audience Tracking Sheet v1.4 (XLS)
  • Ad Copy and Headline Formulas v1.2 (PDF)
  • Best Practices and Ad Processes v2 (PDF)
  • Swipe File v2 (PDF)
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