80/20 Crash Course

8: Newsletter

Your newsletter is the most important asset you own other than the rights to the books themselves. Over time, this can transform from a small but dedicated group of fans into a powerful marketing tool that can launch you into the Top 1000 or even Top 100 all by itself. Best of all, email is …

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5: Five Days to 3 x 3 Habits that Double Your Productivity

Execution, naturally, is the foundation of becoming a full-time author (or a full-time anything, really). The difference with working for oneself, however, is that external constructs like bosses and steady paychecks no longer exist. And without these factors pressing us into action each morning, we can find our time drift into ethereal nothingness. The 3 …

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3: Strategic Mindset

Most endeavors in life are won or lost between the ears, and becoming a full-time author is little different. The human psyche is obviously a vastly complex (and strange) instrument of reasoning, so a full-scale cataloging of all its quirks would be neither possible nor useful. And I’d rather this not devolve into woo-woo positivity …

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