2: Secrets of Great Creative (and Improving It Fast) and Hypertesting Your Launch to Supercharge Your Branding & New Books Through Data (April 12)

The “secret” of great creative: practice and testing. Testing can accelerate your skills massively because it gives you concrete feedback on your copy, images, and other elements that helps you learn which ideas resonate with your target audience.

Turbocharging your launch and branding is about testing ads and honing your conversion by testing blurbs, covers, and prices. You can go further than that and test other elements like the first chapter and concept of the book itself, too. When done before launch, these types of tests can raise your hit rate and give you a higher chance of writing a book that resonates with your target audience and packaging it in a way that will draw those people in.

If you want to test concepts or first chapters prior to your book’s release, you’d do so using the same approach as outlined in the blurb video. For testing any element on Facebook, the underlying principle is A/B Testing: isolate that one element so that any variation in the data can be attributed directly to the different cover, blurb, concept, or whatever else you’re trying to test.

The final part of the class touched on scaling; next week’s class will go into greater depth here. But basically, by nailing your branding/book, you can scale much higher, because your ads will convert better and their CPCs will be lower. A common error is trying to scale before you have a solidly branded book, and that just leads to incinerating cash.