1: Testing Covers (Walkthrough)


Keep every element of the creative the same except for the image, which will feature the different cover. You have three options here:

  1. Each cover by itself on same plain, solid color background
  2. Each cover by itself on same stock photo
  3. Each cover by itself on its respective book background (my preferred method)
  • BUDGET: $50 per cover (3 covers = $150 total)
  • TEST TIME: 2 – 3 days to smooth out data randomness
  • TARGET: Target already tested and proven author or genre audiences
  • LINK: send to Amazon if available, otherwise your website/Goodreads
  • DATA: need 100+ clicks per cover for reliable data
  • ANALYSIS: Winner is the cover with the lowest CPC and highest CTR; looking for big differences. Minor differences either the control (original cover) stands OR you choose based on your instinct/what fits the book best (if you don’t have a cover yet). CPC is the main metric, but sometimes CTR can be useful, as CPMs (make sure you have this metric enabled) for certain creatives will be randomly higher, thus spiking the CPC.