I was recently invited to contribute a story to the Turning the Tide charity anthology to help the humanitarian effort in the Ukraine. All profits go to charity. I wanted to come up with a way to help spread the word about the anthology.

So I’ve decided to offer anyone who picks up a copy of Turning the Tide by June 30th (when it comes down from the various retailers) the 2+ hour How to Build to Six Figures Masterclass (With Basically No Social Media). This breaks down a strategy I’ve used to help multiple authors build to six figures. Note that this isn’t theory; it’s stuff I’ve actually done.

(You also get my story “The Road Home,” which I know everyone reading this has had their calendar marked for)

Okay. But seriously. You really cannot lose here. You get a detailed, 2+ hour breakdown of a road-tested six figure strategy and you’re supporting a good cause.

You can grab a copy of Turning the Tide at the follow retailers. The anthology contains stories (2500+ pages) from 25+ thriller / mystery / fantasy writers. Profits go to charity to help with the humanitarian effort in Ukraine:

Here’s how to get the How to Build to Six Figures Masterclass:

  1. Purchase Turning the Tide at any retailer by June 30.
  2. Enter the order # and your email address in the Google Form here. Do not forward me the receipt. Just put the order # and your email address in the form.
  3. You’ll receive the link to the Masterclass video on July 1.

Note 1: If you already bought the anthology and entered your order number / email address for the previous “$10k Optimal Launch Case Study” bonus, you don’t have to repurchase / resubmit. You’ll get the Masterclass video automatically. BTW, if you didn’t grab that $10k Optimal Launch Case Study offer a few weeks ago, that case study isn’t included here—you’ll only receive the Six Figure Masterclass. But it’s well worth it.

Note 2: if you purchase from Apple Books, they might not give you an order number. If so, you can just forward me the receipt at nick@nicholaserik.com.

That’s it! You’ll have access to watch / rewatch the Masterclass video until December 31, 2022. So you can review it as needed while you’re building your strategy this year.

Finally: I will be personally matching my portion of the royalties from the anthology (the authors donate their share directly) up to $5k.