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I was recently invited to contribute a story to the Turning the Tide charity anthology to help the humanitarian effort in the Ukraine. All profits go to charity. I wanted to come up with a way to help spread the word about the anthology.

I have a lot of marketing data and info that never makes it out of the archives (just not enough time). This case study would have probably fallen under that category.

But it’s so useful that letting it just sit there and gather dust seemed like a waste.

So I’ve decided to offer anyone who picks up a copy of Turning the Tide before June 5th this 60-minute $10k+ Revenue “Optimal” Case Study from a recent launch (from 2022). Optimal is in quotes because, of course, there is no optimal launch strategy. But this went really well and has a ton of insanely valuable takeaways for both beginners and advanced marketers alike.

The anthology costs only $5. If you can’t get at least 100x that value from this launch case study, then honestly, you’re probably not trying very hard.

A bold claim, perhaps.

But worst case scenario is I’m full of shit and you contributed to a good cause. Best case scenario, 100x value is conservative and this single hour-long case study blows away most super expensive courses on the market.

(You also get my story “The Road Home,” which I know everyone reading this has had their calendar marked for)

Okay. But seriously. You really cannot lose here.

You can grab a copy of Turning the Tide at the follow retailers. The anthology contains stories (2500+ pages) from 25+ thriller / mystery / fantasy writers. All profits go to charity to help with the humanitarian effort in Ukraine:

Here’s how to get the $10k “Optimal” Launch Case Study:

  1. Pre-order / purchase Turning the Tide at any retailer before June 5.
  2. Enter the order # and your email address in the Google Form here. Do not forward me the receipt. Just put the order # and your email address in the form.
  3. You’ll receive the link to the $10k “Optimal” Launch Case Study video on Sunday, June 5.

Note: if you pre-order on Apple Books, they won’t give you an order number until the book actually comes out. You can just forward me the receipt.

That’s it! You’ll have access to watch / rewatch the case study video until December 31, 2022. So you can check it out as needed for an upcoming launch.

Finally: I will be personally matching my portion of the royalties from the anthology (the authors donate their share directly) up to $5k.

Turning the Tide: Newsletter Share Giveaway

(Note: if you’re an author with a story in the actual anthology, you’re not eligible for this giveaway.)

Are you an author who’s interested in helping spread the word about Turning the Tide to your email list? Cool. I’m giving away some awesome prizes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. share Turning the Tide in your author newsletter by June 5.
  2. forward your newsletter where Turning the Tide was featured to me at
  3. I’ll enter you in the giveaway to potentially win one of the following prizes.

Anyone is eligible; there is no minimum list size requirement. Social media posts are greatly appreciated, of course, but they don’t apply for this giveaway.

Grand Prize ($3,000+ value)

1 author will win their choice of:

Amazon Ads 1-on-1 Masterclass. 6x 1-on-1 Zoom sessions over 6 weeks with me. Teaches you a complete system for running ads that builds week after week. 6 customized weekly assignments with feedback from me. My negative keyword list generated from six-figures in ad spend (this will save you $3k+ alone if you’re running a significant monthly ad spend).


Facebook Ads 1-on-1 Masterclass. 6x 1-on-1 Zoom sessions over 6 weeks with me. Teaches you a complete system for running ads that builds week after week. 6 customized assignments with feedback from me.

Note: the Masterclass takes a lot of time and prep on my end, so I’ve blocked that out to start in the middle of June and run through the end of July.

1st Prize ($499 value)

3 authors will win their choice of:

My Launch & Promo Blueprint course (teaches you how to put together a killer launch / promo, with 10+ case studies from actual launches)


the Ultimate version of the Six-Figure Author Strategy 2022 course (which helps you distill your marketing strategy into a single sheet, and features a ton of other content on translations, hitting the USA Today list, and more).

And here’s some text you can send / modify for your newsletter, if you want an easy template:

Thirty-five mystery, thriller, science fiction, dark and urban fantasy writers have come together to create a limited-edition charity anthology, Turning the Tide, with the profits being donated to charities working to help the people and animals in Ukraine. Featuring New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, as well as a host of other great authors to discover. Pick up your copy today for just $4.99 and help make a difference!

Winners will be picked at random and emailed on June 6.