The Meta Ads Apocalypse?

Clarification on Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) bit at minute 42 (note: Facebook now refers to CBO as Advantage+ Budget; this is the same feature): when using CBO, Facebook treats your daily budget as an average over a week and can currently increase this up to 25% on a given day. E.g., $100/day = $700 a week. So if the campaign spends $125 on one day, then it has $575 to work with for the rest of the week.

Amazon Ads treat the daily budget as a monthly budget, so it can take leftover ad spend from previous days in the same calendar month and increase the daily spend up to 100% (you can reduce this to 25%). E.g., $100/day = $3000/mo. So a campaign with a $100/day budget could spend up to $200 in a day.

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