7 Facebook Ad Tricks Working Right Now

Approximate timestamps for topics covered:

[00:01:00]: Trick #1: How simple, easy to apply rules can save you money and help you find winning ads / audiences faster.

[00:03:00]: Trick #2: Live demo of advanced rules in action, turning ads on/off automatically in the background using a custom spreadsheet + Revealbot (wait until the end to see if the software actually succeeds).

[8:20:00]: Trick #3: a basic creative that almost always works + acts as an easy way to check for problems with your cover + blurb

[00:10:00]: Trick #4: a simple addition to the image that increased conversion more than 2x

[00:11:30]: Trick #5: why making your creative call out to the right readers is critical with Facebook’s new updates

[00:17:00]: Trick #6: using AI to write better ad copy, faster (with real split-test data: can AI beat a book marketing expert?)

[00:33:00]: Trick #7: the 5 audiences to test for any fiction book and how to navigate the upcoming 2024 audience changes (authors still tend to outperform

[00:37:00]: when using broad targeting makes sense and why it may not be the best place to start testing.

[00:41:00]: Trick #8: Easily missed ad settings to turn off for improved performance

[00:53:00]: how does narrowing by Kindle Store perform v. alternatives like Engaged Shoppers? (actual data from a current test)

[00:59:00]: why Dynamic Creative is not the recommended way to test and what to do instead