The Launch & Promo Blueprint consists of five components. The first four lay down the principles, strategies, and other information critical for crafting launches and promos. I’ve helped run 60+ launches and promos since I started publishing back in 2012. These are the key things you need to know distilled into a series of zero fluff videos. If you want to shortcut 90% of the mistakes and trial and error, these videos will help you create bulletproof launch and promotional strategies.

  1. Foundation: a brand new section breaking down the key principles behind crafting great launches and promos.
  2. Launch Core Skills: a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create your own custom launch plan.
  3. Launch Amplifiers: tips and tricks to boost your launches and take things to the next level.
  4. Launch & Promo Blueprints: strategies and tactics you can use when building your own launches and promos. Think of this as your own personal strategy reference library.

This isn’t a bunch of stuff that worked five years ago (or even last year). I’ve spent the entire month of March going through these sections and updating this material so that it’s fresh and relevant in 2022.

Then we have the fifth and final component, which is totally unique: case studies that analyze actual numbers from real launches.

These come in two flavors: post-launch breakdowns where I analyze the strategy, numbers, and how the launch performed. And over the shoulder launches where you get to watch me manage the ads, make decisions, and run the launch in real-time.

So you don’t just get the principles and tactics. You get to see how they actually work in the real world. Complete with the ups, downs, and challenges that come with the actual launch.

Simply put, there’s no course out there like the Launch & Promo Blueprint.

Here’s a complete list of videos in the course. Note that a few of the case studies listed below are included in multiple sections of the course; there are currently 15+ unique case studies in the Launch & Promo Blueprint. All the current case studies are for Kindle Unlimited books.

*note on case studies: I remove videos if I feel they’re no longer relevant or useful. My goal is provide you with the best, most actionable information possible, rather than overwhelm you with a bunch of content that’s not useful or outdated.

Course Content

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Road to Six-Figures Case Studies
Over the Shoulder Case Studies
Tess Skye Over the Shoulder Case Studies (KU / Urban Fantasy)
Additional Case Studies
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The Launch and Promo Blueprint

When you join the Launch & Promo Blueprint, you’ll receive immediate access to all the videos and case studies.

The Launch & Promo Blueprint is closed for the rest of 2022.


The Launch & Promo Blueprint has a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. If you feel the course isn’t right for you, just reach out within 30 days of your purchase date and you’ll receive a full refund.


Will you be offering this course again in 2023?

I’m not sure. The price will likely increase if so.

Does The Launch & Promo Blueprint apply to both wide and Kindle Unlimited books?

The principles taught in the course are applicable to both wide and Kindle Unlimited books. The case studies currently included only feature Kindle Unlimited titles, but many of the strategies, principles, and takeaways are also applicable to wide launches.

Are the case studies for launches or promos?

The case studies break down launches, since these typically have many more moving parts than a promo. The strategies, tactics, and ideas can be taken and applied to promos.

Is there a payment plan option?

There’s no payment plan option at this time due to boring technical reasons that make this hard to set up.

Will you give me feedback on my launch or promotion?

No. The purpose of this course is to teach you the principles + skills to create your own custom launch strategies.

How long will I have access to the course?

The videos and other course material will be available until December 31, 2022. My main concern is making sure the content remains up to date, as outdated material is not useful for you. If I extend access beyond this date, anyone who purchases The Launch & Promo Blueprint now will continue to have access to the course without having to pay again.