Live 4 Week PPC Ads Class

PPC Ads Class (Standard)


(Runs Friday, April 5, through Friday, April 26 starting at 9:30 PM EST)

NEW – I’m now holding an additional live session on Saturdays at 2:00 PM EST. This means if you can’t make Friday live, I’ll be reteaching each session on Saturday. You get access to both; attend whichever is more convenient (or both, if you’d like). Replays of both will be posted to the members area the day after they air live.

I had a whole sales page written out, but I’m assuming if you’re here we can skip the hard sell about why pay-per-click ads are useful, and what a pain in the ass using Facebook/Bookbub/Amazon ads profitably can be.

After all, you’ve probably incinerated a bunch of money already, and are about ready to either put your fist through your computer screen or swear off the ads altogether.

I’ve been there.

I think it was yesterday.

In all seriousness, these platforms are complex and difficult. There is no easy button or secret sauce.

Just hard work.

But if you’re willing to do that, I can show you how to significantly improve your ads and sell more books.

What’s Included?

This is a comprehensive, step-by-step class that teaches you how to use PPC to sell more books.

How’s this different than various courses that costs hundreds of dollars and contains dozens of hours of content?

Five ways:

  1. It’s live, so you can ask questions in real-time.
  2. Since it’s live, everything is completely up-to-date. You don’t learn what worked two months ago, or the last time the course went live. You learn what worked for me today.
  3. You get direct feedback on your ads from someone who has run thousands of dollars in ads in multiple genres. This allows you to learn what works – and what doesn’t – much faster than on your own.
  4. It cuts everything down to the essentials, so you can start running better ads quicker.
  5. It’s a lot cheaper.

The core of this class is testing and, specifically, how to do it well on Bookbub and Facebook. This is the secret, mostly overlooked sauce (if there is any) of crafting effective ads; learn how to test (and have good books with good covers/blurbs) and you can create profitable ads.

Over and over.

In any genre.

Ignore it, and you have…okay, I promise not to use any fire metaphors again.

But if you suck at testing, let’s just say your bank account will definitely hate you.

Important: the primary focus (95%+) will be on Facebook and Bookbub. I use Amazon Ads, but I prefer the other two (that’s a personal preference) and am more proficient at using them. I’ll show you how I use Amazon Ads in Session 1 (and outline a couple basic strategies), but the focus of this class will be on the other two platforms.

Here’s what you get in the Standard edition of the class:

  • Four live classes running 90+ minutes each where I share my screen with you in real-time and show you step-by-step what to do (and what not to do). You’ll be able to ask questions in real-time. And one pre-recorded video going over in laser-sharp detail how to calculate profitability, readthrough, conversion, and key stats/metrics.
    • Session 0 (prerecorded): Essential Principles of PPC
      • How to Calculate Profitability Using Readthrough, Conversion etc.
      • Key Stats/Metrics: What Matters (and What’s Noise)
    • Session 1 (live): Basics of the Big Three Ad Platforms (Facebook, Bookbub, Amazon Ads)
      • How and When to Use These Ads (And How Not To)
      • Testing 101: How to Test Ads with a Basic, Flexible Framework
      • Step-by-Step Ad Setup
      • What Options to Check, What Options Devour Dollars
      • Advantages, Disadvantages, and Quirks of Each Platform
    • Session 2 (live): Intermediate Facebook Ads
      • Creative
      • Targeting
      • Copy/Headlines
    • Session 3 (live): Advanced Facebook Ads
      • Testing
      • Ninja Tricks
    • Session 4 (live): Advanced Bookbub Ads
      • Creative
      • Targeting
      • Testing
      • Ninja Tricks
  • Replays of all five sessions
  • 4 Weekly Ad Creation Assignments, with direct feedback from me on your Facebook and Bookbub Ads


No self-respecting sales page would be complete without some bonuses, right? Unlike most bonuses, these are actually useful, though…

  • How to Design Effective Ads in Canva (pre-recorded video)
  • My Ads Swipe File – my best winning ads with actual copy, CTRs, and other data (PDF)
  • The Ultimate Marketing Multitool – an Excel sheet that autocalculates readthrough and profitability, so you can spend less time doing math and more time getting better at ads. (Excel sheet)

PPC Ads Class (Launch Blueprint Edition)


At this point, I’ve launched 30+ titles in a variety of genres. Like anything else in the indie world, there’s a lot of myth and random stuff out there about launching that just isn’t true. From carefully analyzing my (many) flops and successes (as well as the launches of other authors), I’ve got a good idea of what works – and what’s nonsense.

What’s Included?

The Launch Blueprint Edition includes everything in the standard PPC Ads class, along with two additional 90m+ live sessions dedicated specifically to launching your book. Runs May 3 and May 10 (with Saturday sessions at 2 PM, too, if you can’t make the Friday ones!)

These sessions cover:

  • Session 5 (live): Launching 101
    • KU vs. Wide
    • Preorders vs. None
    • Later books in a series versus Book 1 launches
    • Getting Pre-Launch reviews
    • Critical, often overlooked things that can ruin your launch; and how to overcome them if they crop up
    • Why budget, writing speed, and other factors are often more critical to success than the perfect launch
    • Optimal launch timeframes
    • Rapid releasing or releasing multiple titles at once
    • Relaunching
  • Session 6 (live): The 5-Figure KU Launch
    • Lessons from a 5-figure KU Launch
    • The Amazon Algos, ranking, and what really matters
    • Why You Should Still Focus on Amazon if You’re Wide
    • How to Rapidly Test Ads During a Launch
    • How to Keep Selling Books Past the 30 Day Cliff
    • Properly scheduling Promo Sites, PPC, and Your Platform for Maximum Launch Firepower
  • Replays of both sessions
  • 2 weekly assignments to help you create an effective launch plan, with direct feedback from me analyzing and breaking down your launch plan

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I don’t have any money and am thinking about charging this.

Nooooo. Don’t do that. Seriously. Running a bunch of ads is not the answer to your cash crunch problem, I promise.

Do I need money to run ads for this class?

Yes. The weekly assignments will require you to run ads to get data and improve your skills. I recommend a minimum $250 ads budget ($10/day) for the course. The videos are useful, but much of the value will be in doing the assignments and getting feedback from me on how to improve your ads.

Can I take this class under a pen name?

Absolutely. You can take it under whatever name you prefer.

I’m overseas and in a different timezone. Can I take the class?

Yes. There will be replays of each session posted the day after they air live in a special members-only area. You can watch them at your leisure.

How will I submit my assignments so you can give me feedback on my ads?

You’ll send the assignments to me via email, and I’ll respond with my feedback.

My book is going to be released later this year. Can I submit my assignments later?

Yes. If your book comes out later this year, you can submit your assignments when it’s available (e.g. any time by the end of 2019).

I need to become a bestseller tomorrow. Will this help?

No. It takes time to improve on these platforms; they’re competitive and complex. Don’t expect to be super-profitable by tomorrow.

My books are terrible and my covers look like they were created by blind dogs. Can I trick people into buying them with PPC ads?

No. PPC ads will quickly expose any flaws in your cover/blurb/presentation. Nothing sinks a bad book – or your wallet – faster than advertising. Make sure these elements are the best they can be before diving down the PPC rabbithole.

I hate marketing and don’t want to spend any time on it. Is this for me?

No. PPC requires a substantial time/money investment to monitor and improve at. If you’re looking for a five minute easy button, this isn’t it.

I’m a complete beginner. Can I still sign up?

Yes. It’s best if you’ve run an ad or two before (and thus are familiar with the platforms), but I’ll show, in real-time, how to set up ads for each platform (with best practices) in Session 2.

You will, however, need to have your various advertising accounts set up prior – that will not be covered.

I’ve run some ads before. Is this going to be too simple for me?

No. One of the main things I see with people running ads is that they get the basics wrong. Starting there is essential, because if the fundamentals are wrong, you’re going to get terrible results. There’s a ton to be learned from just refining and really nailing the basics.

After we have those rock solid, we’re going to jump into the advanced stuff.

Full disclosure: If you’ve run tens of thousands of dollars in ads, I doubt I have anything to teach you. But I do offer a full money back guarantee, so you can see for yourself if you’re curious.

Will there be replays if I can’t make it live?

Yes. There will be replays posted after each class goes live that you can watch any time until July 31.

I bought the Standard version, but the Launch Blueprint looks cool. Can I upgrade later?

Sure, just email me any time before the course begins on April 5. You can upgrade for $50.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. I offer a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you’d like a refund, just shoot me an email any time before July 31, 2019.

I’d prefer 1-on-1 consulting instead. Do you offer that?

I offer 1-on-1 consulting on a limited basis. Email me at for details.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Just email me at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.