PPC Masterclass

Check out this step-by-step Facebook Ads setup - complete with best practices etc. for creating effective Facebook ads for your books.

The PPC Masterclass is 20+ pre-recorded videos - 10+ hours of content - diving deep into using ads to sell books. It primarily focuses on Facebook and BookBub, taking you from a step-by-step overview of how to set up an ad (like the one above) to advanced techniques that you can use to sell more books.

There's also an overview of the fundamental of Amazon ads.

This class is big on principles, so there are also comprehensive videos on Testing, Optimization (tweaks you can use to increase your sellthrough etc.), Profitability (how to tell if your ads are profitable) and Effective Ad Creative.

It will be priced at $399 when it launches on June 1; you can grab it now for $199 and get early access on May 1 if you pre-order by April 30. I'm not going to hard sell you on this; check out the video and determine for yourself. There are zero courses on the market that go into this level of detail and offer this type of progression from foundational things to advanced stuff - and also teach you the principles behind what's going on. I know because I've taken them.

If you have any questions, email me at nick@nicholaserik.com.


About the Options Below

The PPC Masterclass option includes the comprehensive PPC class with 20+ videos and 10+ hours of content. If you pre-order, it's 50% off until April 30. You will receive early access (on May 1).

The Crash Course + PPC Masterclass edition includes the Crash Course along with three 60m consulting calls that you can use any time during 2019. If you want to see the release schedule/what's included in the Crash Course, check that out here.

Finally, the Crash Course + PPC Masterclass + Launch Blueprint edition includes all three courses plus three 60m consulting calls. If you order this package, you also get the Launch Blueprint for 50% off (normal price $199) and early access (on June 1 - course launches on July 1 to non-early access members).

The Launch Blueprint includes 4+ hours of additional content dedicated exclusively to launching: a complete breakdown of launching fundamentals and a teardown of a 2019 5-figure KU launch.

These special prices and consulting bundles will be available until April 30. After that, they won't be offered again.

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A couple notes:

  • This course is pre-recorded (the Launch Blueprint and Crash Course are also pre-recorded). You can watch it at any time; there is no live component.
  • There are assignments, but these are to help you apply the information on your own. I will not review them or provide feedback (if you order one of the packages with consulting, we can talk about them on a call, of course!).
  • You can use the consulting calls any time during 2019 - so if you're not ready to talk now, or want to wait for a specific time (e.g. a launch or a big promotion), then that's totally cool.