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I had a whole sales page written out, but I'm assuming if you're here we can skip the hard sell about why pay-per-click ads are useful, and what a pain in the ass using Facebook/Bookbub/Amazon ads profitably can be.

After all, you've probably incinerated a bunch of money already, and are about ready to either put your fist through your computer screen or swear off the ads altogether.

I've been there.

I think it was yesterday.

In all seriousness, these platforms are complex and difficult. There is no easy button or secret sauce.

Just hard work.

But if you're willing to do that, I can show you how to significantly improve your ads and sell more books.

What is the PPC Masterclass, then? Let's go over the key points...

Totally Comprehensive

Facebook. BookBub. Amazon.

40+ HD videos covering what you need to know. Watch any time you want, at your own pace (on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone).

Learn best practices and what you need to know about making good ads on the three major ad platforms for authors.

But I don't just teach you where to click and what to do (and, oh yeah, what not to do). I also break down why it matters - so you can up your ads game for the long haul - instead of just selling a couple more books this month.

And it's all clearly laid out 20+ hours of in-depth content teaching you current strategies for running effective ads.

Oh, and about that whole current thing...

Totally up-to-date

Stay current for the rest of 2019 with 30m monthly update videos (without rewatching the course...or buying five more to fill in the gaps).

If you're tired of just trying to keep up with all the changes on Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon, I feel you.

Yeah, sure, every course you've probably ever purchased promises updates.

Then you get two videos and crickets.

That's not what's going to happen here. Facebook, BookBub and Amazon have all made major changes to their platforms in the past couple months. These have been covered within the course, and I've already re-recorded some of the videos multiple times...including 10+ videos in May covering everything from Facebook's new dashboard, to the major switch in how Facebook handles bidding...to the new Amazon dash.

And that's really just scratching the surface. Plus, any future updates these three platforms roll out during 2019 will be covered, too.

But I'm not done. I get it - rewatching videos might not be in the cards. You're busy, and you don't have time to dive through the whole course every time Facebook changes a button.

That's why I decided to do the hard work for you, keeping track of all those breaking developments, new features, and other stuff going on in the world of Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads.

And then condensing them into a single, espresso-shot sized video breaking down exactly what matters to us as authors.

So, each month for the rest of 2019, I'll update you on what you need to know - and what's working right now - in a monthly 30 minute quick update video (I just recorded the first one for June; there were a lot of changes, so it clocked in at around 51m).

Get everything you need to stay ahead of the pack without joining 36 different forums, groups, and newsletters. All in less time than it takes to watch an episode of your favorite show.

Totally hands-on (Workshop Edition only)

Want to go from zero to ads ninja in 30 days?

Grab the Workshop edition, and get direct feedback from me.

If you want direct feedback on your ads from someone who's run thousands of dollars' worth of them, then check out the totally unique Workshop Edition. It's an ultra-intense version of the class designed to get you running awesome ads and take your marketing game to the next level in one month flat.

The Workshop Edition will run during September, and includes direct feedback (from me) on four customized assignments specifically designed to hone your skills fast. And there are four weekly 30m 1-on-1 calls to identify sticking points and accelerate your learning curve.

To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing like this on the market. I wish there had been when I was learning. It probably would have saved me $10k+.

And what will all that hands-on feedback cost you? Surely thousands, right?

Nope. About half of what the leading ads courses run (which don't include any direct feedback).

Oh, by the way: the complete PPC Masterclass is included with the Workshop Edition, too. So you get the best of both worlds: pre-recorded videos to watch and review at your convenience, and direct guidance from someone who's run thousands of dollars in ads.

Does This Apply to My Genre?

I've run ads in multiple very different genres: crime, mystery, thriller, space opera, sci-fi, epic fantasy, urban fantasy. The Masterclass focuses on universally applicable principles and strategies, rather than tactics that might only work in specific sub-niches.

Totally guaranteed

I have an iron-clad, no questions asked, 60 day 100% money back guarantee. So you can watch this comprehensive, up-to-date ads course for authors all risk-free. Not for you? Cool. Drop me an email requesting a refund within 60 days of purchasing the course and you'll get it. Simple as that.

What's Included?

40+ videos on the following topics...


Key Principles


How to Calculate & Analyze Profitability


How to Find Author Comps & Targets


Testing & Optimization 101




Principles of Effective Ad Creative


Facebook Ads: Fundamentals to Advanced


BookBub Ads: Fundamentals to Advanced


Amazon Ads: Fundamentals

What's Included (Launch Blueprint)?

Ultimate Workshop Edition only

15 videos on:

  • Goals of Launching
  • KU v. Wide
  • Preorders v. No Pre-Orders
  • New Release Pricing
  • Timeframes and Scheduling
  • Getting Reviews
  • Analyzing and Tracking
  • Launch Strategies

One Time Payment

The PPC Masterclass is available for a one-time payment of $299. Or pay in 6 monthly installments of $59.

You will receive full and immediate access to the complete course.


Closed for 2019

6 monthly payments of $59 (just $1.97 a day)

or pay upfront and save $54

  • 40+ videos covering Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads
  • Updated to cover new platform features and ad strategies throughout 2019
  • 30m monthly update videos so you're always up-to-date


5 Spaces Available in September

6 monthly payments of $99 (just $3.30 a day)

or pay upfront and save $95

  • 40+ videos covering Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads
  • Updated to cover new platform features and ad strategies throughout 2019
  • 30m monthly update videos so you're always up-to-date
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 4 customized assignments to improve your ads as quick as possible. Submitted to me for direct feedback.
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 4 weekly 30m 1-on-1 calls to discuss assignments and get direct feedback on your ads/marketing.

September Workshop starts September 1 and ends September 30.


5 Spaces Available in September

6 monthly payments of $149 (just $4.97 a day)

or pay upfront and save $145

  • 40+ videos covering Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads
  • Updated to cover new platform features and ad strategies throughout 2019
  • 30m monthly update videos so you're always up-to-date
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 4 customized assignments to improve your ads as quick as possible. Submitted to me for direct feedback.
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 4 weekly 30m 1-on-1 calls to discuss assignments and get direct feedback on your ads/marketing.
  • ULTIMATE WORKSHOP ONLY: 4 additional 30m 1-on-1 calls that you can use any time in 2019. (regular cost $250)
  • ULTIMATE WORKSHOP ONLY: Launch Blueprint course containing 15 additional videos on launching. (regular cost $199)

September Workshop starts September 1 and ends September 30.

NOTE: The Workshop edition of the PPC Masterclass begins September 1 and ends September 30. All calls and assignments must be submitted/scheduled during the month of September 2019. This is meant to be a hands-on, intense leap into ads - with accountability/direct feedback from me to keep you on track.


  • 5+ hours a week to do the assignments/calls
  • $500+ budget to run ads

Even though the Workshop doesn't start until September, you'll receive immediate access to all the pre-recorded PPC Masterclass videos. I highly recommend you watch them before September rolls around, so we can hit the ground running.



How is this different than the six thousand other ad courses on the market?

Three ways:

  1. Current. This is the biggest difference. If I have something in my dashboard, I start testing or researching so I can deliver info on what matters (and what doesn't) to you ASAP.
  2. Comprehensive. I cover everything from walking you through the dashboards step-by-step to getting into the nitty-gritty of advanced Facebook ads. So whatever your skill level, I got you covered - and you won't be left in the dark.
  3. Multi-genre. The specific examples in my course come from my urban fantasy books, but I've run ads for multiple clients/authors in a variety of genres (mystery, thriller, space opera, sci-fi, epic fantay, urban fantasy and more), so I know what's universal and what tactics might just be unique to a specific genre. So if you've felt that a course wasn't applicable to your books, fear not: this course's material has been tested across multiple very different genres.

I also have an ironclad 60 day moneyback guarantee, so you can try the course totally risk free. If you find it's not for you, no hard feelings. Just shoot me an email.

I can't do the PPC Workshop in September. Will you be holding it again?

Yes, I will offer at least one more Workshop in 2019.

Can I submit my assignments or schedule the calls outside of September for the Workshop Edition?

No. Part of what you're getting with the Workshop is accountability - that little nudge to tackle all that stuff you might have been putting off for months/years. So we're going to get to work on that in September and hopefully knock out a huge chunk of your marketing to do list. I want you kicking ass by the end of that 30 days, and I'll do everything to help you get there. Your end of the bargain is showing up for the calls/submitting the assignments and putting in the work.

When can I schedule consulting calls for the Workshop edition?

I'll send out my calendar each week with ample space to schedule calls. If you can't fit something in to the available slots, I'll work with you to ensure that we can link up and talk 1-on-1.

Do I get feedback from you with the standard PPC Masterclass?

There's an assignment PDF posted for members of the standard PPC Masterclass, but these are to help you apply the information and concepts on your own. I only provide direct feedback for members of the Workshop edition.

Is there a live component to the standard PPC Masterclass?

No. The standard PPC Masterclass is completely pre-recorded. You can watch it at any time; there is no live component.

What's this business about updating until the end of 2019?

I am guaranteeing that I will update the PPC Masterclass until the end of 2019. Most courses promise lifetime updates/access, then give you a couple new videos and then nothing. It is a ton of work keeping on top of all the developments and recording new videos when platforms change things. Promising to do that forever is madness and would be disingenuous.

My site has been around for awhile now; I'm not just going to flip the calendar to 2020 and peace out. But I don't want to overpromise on something that I can't deliver on - I have no idea what Facebook will be up to next year, let alone in 2025, and I don't want to commit to updating videos until I die.

This way, you end up getting way more content than most courses, but it allows me to take things on a year-by-year basis.

If I continue updating the course beyond 2019, anyone who registers now will receive future new videos in the standard PPC Masterclass for free. It's just gonna be a year-by-year thing.

Do I get Lifetime Access?

No. Again, I'm not pledging to keep these videos up until the apocalypse. You will get access until the end of 2019, at which point I'll reassess the course and see what I want to do in 2020. The biggest thing for me is quality and current-ness: if I can't invest the time necessary to make sure the info remains up-to-date, then I won't keep running it. If I don't keep updating/running the course, I'll give you a heads up before I take things down, so you can review everything.

Important: if I do decide to keep running the Masterclass in 2020 and beyond, anyone who registers now will have access for as long as the videos are available, whether that's the end of this year or the end of 2020, or whatever. And you'll also receive access to any new videos released for the standard PPC Masterclass for free. I'm just taking this on a year-by-year basis.

I have a question that's not answered here.

No problem. Just drop me a line at nick@nicholaserik.com.