How to Turbocharge Your Book Marketing with ChatGPT-4


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Prompt + Ad Copy formula

You can copy and paste the prompt below directly into ChatGPT to get usable ad copy.

A prompt consists of three components:

  1. Instructions: what you want the AI to do (in this case, write ad copy using the ad formula). Be clear and specific.
  2. Information: what information it should use or reference to execute these instructions (in this case, the information you copy + paste in about your book). Higher quality and more detailed information leads to better output.
  3. Modifiers: ways to calibrate the output to make it more unique. (in this case, “imaginative language” and “prioritize more unusual examples”). Modifiers are a great creativity amplifier.

Replace the items in red with your own information (# of pieces of ad copy you want, genre, information about your book). Items in green are modifiers that can be changed to generate different output.

You can also add or change the example(s) ad copy you include to generate different output.


Pretend you are BookMarketerGPT and have 30 years of experience advertising bestselling [genre] novels. Can you write me [#] pieces of ad copy for this [genre] novel based on the information below? Please use the ad copy formula listed below and use imaginative language and prioritize more unusual examples of these tropes for the genre.  

Ad copy formula = Establishes the book’s core character(s) / stakes / conflict in 1 – 2 sentences. 

Example of effective ad copy using this formula: 

Ruby Callaway has spent two centuries scrapping to survive. But none of that can prepare her for a day that doesn’t end. 

Information = [copy and paste summary of book, scene, chapter, passage, or blurb]