The 80/20 Facebook Ads Crash Course

This is a complete crash course to running more effective Facebook Ads for books. It covers all key aspects of running, analyzing, and scaling your ads, and is completely up-to-date for 2024, including how to handle the mandatory targeting changes Facebook has introduced. The content is relevant for advertisers of all levels, from beginner to advanced, so even if you’ve run a bunch ads before, the information and tips here are likely ones you won’t have encountered elsewhere.

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1: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Running Effective Facebook Ads in 2024

2: How to Set Up Amazon Attribution Links: Step-by-Step Walkthrough & Best Practices

3: How to Set Up a Facebook Ad: Step-by-Step Walkthrough & Best Practices

4: How to Analyze Your Ads’ Profitability

5: How to Scale Your Ads from $0 to $3k/day

7 Facebook Ad Tricks Working Right Now