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News: Nov 2022
New content:

New / updated in Nov 2022:

  • Complete Guide to Facebook Ads v2

New / updated in Aug 2022:

  • Complete Guide to Facebook Ads v1

New / updated in May 2022:

  • Marketing & Scaling Multitool v2

New / updated in December 2021:

  • The Rebuild: December 2021
  • Best Practices v7
  • Copy and Headline Formulas v2

New / updated in September 2021:

  • The Rebuild: September 2021
  • Amazon Ads: Revenue Per Click v. Low Bids
  • Amazon Ads: Sequential Testing
  • Amazon Ads: Search Term Reports & Three Other Reports
  • Creatives: Infinite Creatives
  • Best Practices v6

New / updated in July + August 2021:

  • The Rebuild: August 2021
  • Best Practices v5
  • Bidding (revised)
  • Scaling (revised)
  • 15m Amazon Ads (revised)
  • Negative KWs 1/2: Overview
  • Negative KWs 2/2: Walkthrough
  • Conversion 1/4: Overview
  • Conversion 2/4: Calibrating Budgets
  • Conversion 3/4: Structure
  • Conversion 4/4: Walkthrough
  • The Process
  • The Ad Ledger
  • Self-Targeted Ads
  • Update: July 2021
  • The Rebuild: July 2021
Course Materials
  • Marketing & Scaling Multitool v2 (Google Sheets)
  • Amazon Ads Profit Estimator v1 (XLS)
  • Five Keys of Tracking Template (Google Sheet)
  • Ad Copy and Headline Formulas v2 (PDF)
  • Best Practices and Ad Processes v7 (PDF)
  • 80/20 Ad Analysis, Optimization, and Scaling System Summary (Google Doc): this contains detailed information on how to use attribution links and scale ads
  • Complete Guide to Facebook Ads (Google Doc); this contains information on how to use attribution links with Facebook, new material / strategies on FB not contained within the best practices document above or the course videos, and also outlines specific audiences to use for many genres.
  • Swipe File v2 (PDF)
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