Intro: Why Try TikTok Ads & How to Learn Any Ads Platform (36m)

How to Learn Any Ads Platform

  1. ONE PLATFORM AT A TIME: learn one well, then transfer principles to a second (and potentially a third, if ads are a centerpiece of what you do)
  2. ESTABLISH A TESTING / MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE YOU CAN ADHERE TO: having an “ads” day once or twice a week where you consistently test / create new ads / manage ads is effective for long-term management. 
    • DEEP DIVE IMMERSION LEARNING: A consolidated period of intense focus / learning (6 weeks – 6 months, 30 minutes +/day) is effective for learning more quickly and generating intensity. Doesn’t make sense to always be in this mode due to intensity + time commitment. 
  3. TRACK: track your ad performance daily or weekly, learn how to analyze what the reads / sales / profitability numbers are telling you about conversion, best practices, what ads are working, and so forth. 
  4. COMPLIANCE: read the ad platform’s policies
  5. IDENTIFY BEST PRACTICES: platform settings from a good resource + testing
  6. IDENTIFY AUDIENCES: audiences that convert from testing
  7. IDENTIFY MAIN TESTING LEVERAGE POINT(s): this is the testing item that has the biggest impact on CPC and / or conversion. After you identify the best practices for the platform’s settings (e.g., settings that convert), most of your time should be spent testing new ideas here. 
    • Facebook: creative
    • Amazon: keywords / ASINs
    • BookBub: (1) audience, (2) creative
    • TikTok: creative