The Ultimate Book Marketing Crash Course

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Sell more books in less time.

And start building a marketing platform and skills that last your entire career...instead of a week.

That's why I designed the Ultimate Book Marketing Crash Course to get you up to speed on the key components of book marketing as fast as possible. That means 6 hours of up-to-date, laser-focused video showing you step-by-step how to build your brand and hone your marketing chops for the long haul.

Want to know what an effective cover looks like? Done.

How a hook-filled blurb is written? No problem.

Pluses and minuses of different lead magnets (or maybe just what the heck a lead magnet is)? Got you covered.

At the end, you'll walk out having designed your own marketing strategy, tailored to your personal strengths.

You'll understand why it works.

And you'll have the skills to start executing it.

Will there be hacks? Nah, not really. I've been fooled by all that. Spent years chasing my tail. Tried most of them. Probably twice. None of them work as good as this stuff.

And, weirdly, none of them work as fast, either.

So enough talk - you've got books to write, and you probably would rather put pen to paper than read a 65 page sales letter. Check out the free video on the page. If you like my teaching style (it's the same step-by-step, no fluff approach found in my written guides, just with all the added benefits of HD video), then consider joining. If not, totally cool.

By the way, if you've read the text-based Book Marketing Crash Course, this is going to cover similar ground. The main benefit here is I can dive further into topics that benefit from visuals (covers, branding), that text can't offer.

And if you have any questions, just reach out at I'll get back to you ASAP.


Standard Edition Includes


  • 6 Sessions Covering the Core Components of Book Marketing
  • 15+ videos with 6+ hours of zero-fluff content aimed at building your brand and platform fast


  1. The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula
  2. Key Principles & Business Fundamentals
  3. Strategy 101: How to Craft a Killer Marketing Strategy (and Why You Need To)


  1. Market Research: How to Pick a New Sub-Genre (or Crack Your Current One)
  2. Kindle Unlimited vs. Wide: A Breakdown and How to Choose What’s Right For You


  1. Promotion: When to Do It and How to Find What Works for You
  2. Amazon’s Algos: Using the Most Powerful Bookselling Force on the Planet to Ignite Your Sales



  1. Covers: Key Elements and How to Get a Killer One (with a Brief Template to Give Your Designer)
  2. Blurbs: Key Elements and Three Simple Formulas for Writing Them
  3. Pricing: Two Methods for Pricing Your Book Correctly
  4. Categories and Keywords: What Matters, What's Noise
  5. Reviews: What They’re Useful For and How to Get Them


  1. Organic Subscribers: How to Create a Passive List Building Machine
  2. Other Subscribers: Giveaways, Cross Promos, and How To Use Non-Organic Methods to Properly Grow Your List
  3. Engagement: Turn Your Subscribers into True Fans (and Sales)
  4. Autoresponders: Sell Your Books on Autopilot


  1. The Launch: A Step-by-Step, Flexible Framework for Launching Your Next Book


  1. 2x Your Productivity (3 Video Series) (will be released in June 2019)
  2. Road to Launch: A look at the launch of my new series in May 2019, from planning to launch day. (will be released in late May 2019)




  • 15+ videos and 6+ hours of zero fluff marketing content
  • Bonus 2X Productivity Mini Course



  • 15+ videos and 6+ hours of zero fluff marketing content
  • Bonus 2X Productivity Mini Course
  • 60m consulting call to discuss anything related to marketing that you want.

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The Ultimate Book Marketing Crash Course is currently closed.

I have an iron-clad, no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee. Just drop me an email and I'll refund your money. Note that after you schedule/redeem a consulting call, you're no longer eligible for a refund.


Is the Book Marketing Crash Course up-to-date for 2019?

Yes. These are the core strategies I'm currently using for my own books and my clients. The videos will be recorded in April/May 2019, so all the content is completely fresh.

Will this show me how to upload my book, format it, and other basic publishing admin stuff?

No. It focuses strictly on marketing - best practices and how to build your skills/platform toward a full time career.

Will there be assignments to help me learn the material / will you review them?

There will clear assignments that you can immediately apply to your own books (e.g. they're not BS busywork). You will not submit them to me for review or feedback. However, if you get the Ultimate Edition, you can have me review your assignments during one of our calls.

Are the videos pre-recorded or live?

Each video in the Book Marketing Crash Course is pre-recorded in high-definition. This allows you to work through the class at the pace that works best for you.

I've sold a bunch of books already. Is this class for me?

Probably not. Authors who have sold a considerable number of books have indicated that the free crash course was very helpful. But I generally recommend this course for authors who have sold fewer than 5,000 books.

However, if you're more advanced, this is the cheapest way to hire me for consulting right now (and it will never be offered this cheaply again). So if you want a few 1-on-1 calls, plus a cool class that might have a few tricks you didn't know about, check it out.

How are the consulting calls held?

Consulting calls will be conducted via Zoom meeting, which allows us to talk and also for me to share my screen with you to provide visual demonstrations in real-time.

I'm not ready to do the consulting call right now. Can I schedule them later?

Absolutely. You can schedule your consulting call(s) at any point during 2019.

I want to hire you for more hours/I'm only interested in the consulting - how do I get in touch about that?

Just email me at with what you're looking for and I'll get back to you.

What's the difference between this and the free PDF crash course?

I actually recommend The Ultimate Book Marketing Crash Course as a textbook (of sorts)! It's packed with useful information. But there are two core differences between the free PDF and the video version:

  1. Visual step-by-step walkthroughs. The video allows me to walk you through the processes step-by-step with clear visuals, so you can see exactly how to do market research, commission a good cover, or write a good blurb. Explaining the little details of why a cover is good or HOW to ask Amazon can lead to aha moments that turbocharge your career.
  2. Direct feedback (Ultimate Edition only). The 1-on-1 calls provide you direct feedback on the assignments or any other marketing questions you have from a USA Today Bestselling Author who runs marketing for books in multiple genres (space opera, cyberpunk, adventure, fantasy, horror, crime, and mystery).

What's the difference between this and other courses I could take?

Four main differences:

  1. 6 razor sharp hours of zero-fluff, actionable marketing info. Most courses advertise 20+ hours of content or whatever. That's all fine, but let's be real: you probably want to spend more time writing, and get up to speed on the marketing quicker, rather than watch a TV-series length course. This is 6 hours of up-to-date marketing with clear instructions on how to implement it. If something doesn't move the needle, it's been cut. I'm not inflating it with BS nonsense that never worked or worked six years ago just to make the sales page sound cooler.
  2. Focus on the fundamentals and principles. I could wow you with random ninja tricks that would be outdated two months after you sign up. I've already been down that road; I understand it sells classes, but I also understand it's not going to help you sell books. I'm giving you a repeatable framework that you can use to hone your marketing chops. You'll understand why a good cover is important, the structure behind a good blurb, why certain sources of email subscribers behave differently, and so forth. In other words, you'll be able to apply the principles you learn here to your entire marketing strategy going forward.
  3. It's reasonably priced, but probably covers more. I have no idea why most marketing fundamentals courses cost close upwards of a thousand dollars, thus leaving you with no money to actually implement the advice (get a good cover? okay, but I already paid this month's rent on the class...). I believe in delivering way more for a far more reasonable price, so you can focus your time and money where it matters: your career.
  4. 1-on-1 call (Ultimate Edition only). Get direct feedback from me. As a self-taught marketer and learner, the internet is an amazing place. But it's also a place full of rabbit holes to fall down. Thirty minutes talking to me can easily save you months or years of banging your head against the wall (not to mention the wasted money).