The Alchemy Lab


Watch the video above (1.5x – 2x speed) for an explanation of alchemy and how it can give you a massive marketing advantage. This is not a sales video; it’s 100% content.

THE ALCHEMY LAB includes two things:

  1. A monthly physical print newsletter (approximately 5,000 words) exploring a different aspect of book marketing alchemy. Delivered in the US only (international members will receive the newsletter digitally due to current COVID-19 restrictions on international mail). There will be five total newsletters delivered by the end of 2020. First newsletter will be sent digitally August 31; print version sent shortly after.
  2. A monthly video case study (posted in the online course area) breaking down a real-world example of book marketing alchemy – what went well and what didn’t, with numbers and data. There will be five case studies posted by the end of 2020. First case study goes live after September 1.

THE ALCHEMY GUILD is a good fit for you if you like the following:

  1. My email newsletter
  2. Testing things beyond just ads to improve sales + revenue
  3. The video above

If continually testing is not appealing, or you don’t have the time / money to currently test, this will likely not be useful.


THE ALCHEMY LAB is a monthly / annual membership. The low price below is for a test run over the remaining months of 2020: five newsletters, five case studies. You’ll have access to all the online video material until the end of 2020 (i.e. the end of the year). If I continue running The Alchemy Lab thereafter, you will have to renew your membership in January 2021 to maintain access to the online course material (and continue receiving the physical newsletter). YOU WILL NOT BE AUTO-BILLED.

The $299 is non-refundable since there are printing / shipping costs for the newsletters. However, if you feel that the first newsletter and case study do not deliver 4x the value that you paid (e.g. 4x of $299, so $1200+) just email me within 30 days of September 1 and I’ll refund you in full.