Advanced Book Marketing Alchemy



This is 100% digital. It's a PDF because formatting the images and data is a major pain via EPUB. Please make sure the email address you enter on the checkout page is valid (the book will be sent there).

Advanced Book Marketing Alchemy is a book on how to test things like covers, blurbs, and taglines.

In most casino games, you cannot win. The house has the edge. Many games you cannot win. The same is largely true about paid advertising; as the market gets more crowded, the margin of error becomes thinner. Some games you cannot win at all.

Knowing which games to play is critical. Knowing how to win the games you do play even moreso.

How do you know? Math. Think of this like "card counting" for book marketers: finding an edge in a place most people won't look.

Advanced Book Marketing Alchemy is for intermediate to advanced-level marketers looking for advanced level marketing information. Think of this as a graduate-level marketer's textbook on how to improve the performance of your books through testing.

This book will help you:

  1. figure out how to scale your ads
  2. troubleshoot why your marketing isn't working

Just because the word "advanced" is in the title doesn't mean this will be painful and unreadable. It will be presented in a similar writing style as my books / newsletter. But it will dive deep down the testing rabbit hole.

If you like testing, or at least believe in its powers to improve your books' marketing performance (e.g., performing "alchemy" on your catalog), then you should get this book. It's designed to take your marketing skills to the next level.

If you don't like testing or think it's pointless, this book or page isn't going to change your mind.

Areas covered:

  • Covers
  • Blurbs
  • Taglines
  • Pricing
  • Concepts
  • First Chapters
  • Titles
  • Series Titles
  • Main Character Names
  • Series Names

Plenty of this has been covered to some degree in my other material and courses, but some of it has never been seen before. And it's never been collected into a cohesive single resource accompanied by principles and best practices binding everything together.

Even if you've read every single one of my newsletters, taken all my courses, and read all my books, you will find ample value here in organization alone, structured to help you implement and make progress as quickly as possible.

Details about the book:

  • About 53,000 words.
  • This is a downloadable PDF, NOT a physical book.
  • This is a very plain book without any fancy formatting. It's 100% about the information.
  • This does NOT have step-by-step walkthroughs of technical setup processes / ad platforms. Intermediate-level skills with Facebook, BookBub, or another ad platform that can drive traffic to your website are a pre-requisite for implementing the testing processes.


No refunds. If you like testing and want to learn more about how it can improve your books' performance, get the book. It delivers. If you don't like testing or don't want to do it, then don't buy this, it'll be a huge waste of your money.