80/20 Author Ads


This is a full video from the course (recorded fresh in November 2020) teaching you how to set up and run Facebook Ads, step-by-step (complete with best practices). This is actual content, not a sales video.

Note: video can be watched at 1.5x – 2x speed.

The Ultimate Author Ads Course

80/20 Author Ads

Learn how to actually use Facebook, Amazon, and BookBub ads with step-by-step processes personally honed over managing 6-figures in ad spend. Discover detailed systems for testing ads, analyzing profitability and conversion, and crafting effective creatives. Over the shoulder walkthroughs of actual campaigns. And much, much more.

8+ Modules and 40+ HD Videos

Step-by-step processes for running ads on Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon. Learn systems personally tested by me in most popular genres, including crime, mystery, thriller, romance (contemporary, dark, paranormal, and reverse harem), urban fantasy, epic fantasy, space opera/mil-SF, post-apocalyptic, and horror.Don’t just learn the processes. Learn why they work in comprehensive modules covering:


1: Quick Start

The ultimate 80/20 introduction to ads. Curates the core videos from the course and assembles them into a step-by-step blueprint to get you up and running actual Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon ads for your books in just three hours.


2: Profitability

Never wonder if your ads are making money again. Learn the metrics you need to know (and which to ignore). How to tell if your ads are converting and profitable. And breaking down key shortcomings in conventional ad analysis approaches.


3: Author Comps

How to find authors to target in any genre even if you write in difficult to target sub-niches.


4: Testing and Optimization

Hone your ads to a razor’s edge with the principles of effective testing. Optimize your books to maximize sellthrough and increase your organic mailing list sign-ups.


5: Strategies

Running ads directly to the regular priced book is just one way to approach (and not the best). Learn alternatives that might better suit your books and increase your profitability in the strategies module.


6: Effective Ad Creative

Hard won principles tested over thousands of dollars in ad spend (in multiple genres). Copy formulas so you’re stuck staring at a blank screen again. And the secret 15m practice technique to get you writing better copy fast.


Fundamentals to Advanced

The most comprehensive & advanced Facebook ads course for authors available.

Detailed step-by-step walkthroughs on ad setup. Testing. Conversion analysis. Scaling. Clear guidelines for creative best practices and ad compliance.

Advanced sections on scaling, testing (covers, blurbs, prices, and more), targeting.

An over the shoulder launch management case study, where you watch me manage the ads for a real launch campaign with thousands in ad spend.


Fundamentals to Advanced

The most comprehensive & advanced BookBub ads course for authors available.

Detailed step-by-step walkthroughs on ad setup. Testing. Clear guidelines for creative best practices.

An over the shoulder actual testing case study, where you watch me manage and test ads for a real promo campaign.



Get started running effective Amazon ads quickly.

Detailed step-by-step walkthroughs on ad setup. Dashboard overviews. Guidelines for effective ad copy.

Updates Through June 2021

Actual updates so you can stay on the cutting edge. (without spending three hours a day scouring forums and Facebook groups)

15 Minute Monthly Update Videos

Learn what you need to know and what’s changing on Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon with convenient monthly update videos through June 2021.

Consistent Updates

I’m constantly testing and expanding my own ads knowledge as the platforms evolve. I’ve re-recorded many of the videos multiple times since the course first launched in 2019. I will continue to update the course material through June 2021 as needed to provide you the best ads information possible.


Special bonuses to help you craft killer ads faster.

Downloadable Excel Multitool

Instantly calculate key profitability metrics like sellthrough and target breakeven CPC without having to do the math by hand.

Copy and Headline Formulas Cheat Sheet

A PDF containing my favorite well-tested headline and ad copy formulas, so you never get stuck staring at a blank cursor again.

The Rebuild

A special video series chronicling how I’m applying the strategies within the course to start marketing my own work again after a 2-year writing hiatus.

6-Figure Long-Term Ads Strategy

Four live class recordings covering a 6-figure strategy I’ve used for multiple authors.

November Workshop

If you want direct 1:1 coaching and feedback on your ads from someone who’s run thousands of dollars’ worth of them, then check out the totally unique Workshop Edition. It’s an ultra-intense version of the class designed to elevate your ads game in one month.

You need a minimum of 5 hours per week and $500 in ad spend for testing (that you are unlikely to make back – this is “tuition” for the ads platforms) to take the Workshop edition. It is intense and time-consuming.

But if you are serious about taking the next step in your career, this could be the best decision you ever make.

The Workshop begins November 1 and ends November 30. All calls and assignments must be submitted/scheduled during the month of November 2020. This is meant to be a hands-on, intense leap into ads – with accountability/direct feedback from me to keep you on track.

Even though the Workshop doesn’t start until November, you’ll receive immediate access to the pre-recorded videos.

2 spots available


Iron Clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied or want a refund for any reason, just contact me within 60 days of your purchase date and you will be refunded in full. No questions asked.


“…without a doubt, the best investment I’ve made as an author.  As a result of taking the course, I’ve increased my sales by 50% this month, making it my best month so far.”



“I really enjoyed the one on one coaching with him, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of enrolling in this course! Nick is a great mentor: patient, understanding and generous in sharing his knowledge and experience (which is extensive as he also runs ads for a multitude of authors across different genres).”

Rylee Winters


“…can’t say enough about how helpful Nick was on our calls. He saved me time and energy, helped me trouble shoot and plan for success.”




40+ HD Videos. Step-by-step, detailed processes for running effective Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon ads. Watch any time you want. 60 day, zero questions asked money back guarantee.

80/20 Author Ads

  • 40+ videos covering Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads
  • Updated to cover new platform features and ad strategies through June 2021
  • 15m monthly update videos so you’re always up-to-date

80/20 Author Ads Workshop

  • 40+ videos covering Facebook, BookBub, and Amazon Ads
  • Updated to cover new platform features and ad strategies through June 2021
  • 15m monthly update videos so you’re always up-to-date
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 1 30m onboarding call to discuss your goals with the ads
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 4 weekly 30m 1-on-1 calls to discuss assignments and get direct feedback on your ads/marketing.
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 4 customized assignments to improve your ads as quick as possible. Submitted to me for direct feedback
  • WORKSHOP ONLY: 1-page platform assessment to identify optimizations/tweaks you can make to enhance all your marketing efforts


Does This Include Lifetime Access?

Lifetime access is a big deal for a lot of people when it comes to courses.I want to be very clear: I do not offer that.That does not exist. As common as it is, it is not a promise I, or anyone can make.Instead, I offer actual updates.So what I do guarantee is updates and access until June 30, 2021. This is not empty talk; I’ve re-recorded and updated many of the videos multiple times over the past 18 months. This is because the platforms change so much that outdated information is not useful to you.And it’s also because I keep learning. Which means more material to add to the course.Most courses offer “lifetime” access to useless, outdated information.That costs you money. I am totally uninterested in providing such a “service.” You deserve better.If I do continue this course past June 30, anyone who signs up now will receive any future updates to the 80/20 Author Ads Class that I release. The format or what’s included may change, however; I assess and tweak based on people’s feedback and my own plans.

Will This Work in My Genre?

Most courses claim to apply to multiple genres.But the course creator doesn’t have actual first-hand experience outside of their own sub-genre.That’s not the case here.I’ve directly managed ads in space opera/mil-SF, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, romance (contemporary romance, dark romance, sports romance, paranormal romance, and reverse harem), thrillers, crime, mystery, horror, and historical fiction.(which doesn’t include the authors I’ve consulted for or coached in the Workshops, BTW)That means I have personal knowledge of what are universal ad principles – and what’s just noise.That leaves me uniquely qualified to teach only what moves the needle across multiple genres. And leave out what doesn’t. As such, this course is truly built to apply across multiple genres. (and I have an iron-clad 60 day refund policy if you’re still skeptical)[note for children’s book authors: running ads to children’s or Middle Grade books is insanely difficult. I do not have direct experience doing this; as such, I would not recommend the course for these genres.]