30 Day Marketing Sprint


Imagine if, in the next 30 days, you could:

  1. Start a writing or marketing habit of your choosing that you could scale or continue.
  2. Slash over 50% of the tasks from your current marketing to-do list.
  3. Implement a tested marketing system (that I’ve used with multiple six-figure authors) that continually sells books as your career grows…with minimal maintenance.
  4. Make simple marketing changes that could potentially generate hundreds or thousands of extra dollars in revenue a year.

Sounds pretty good, right? And also like it would take all month. And it’d be super difficult and exhausting.

But what if it only took 30 minutes a day?

Starting May 1, we’re gonna cut through all the noise with the 30 DAY MARKETING SPRINT.

This is like the ultimate marketing checklist that covers only what you need to be doing marketing-wise. No guesswork. No accidentally cutting important items from your to-do list. No working on BS that will be obsolete come July. Or wasting your time on things that everyone claims are critical…but aren’t.

At this point, I’ve worked with dozens of authors, from those just starting out, to those pushing mid 6-figures. That means I’ve analyzed tons of different books and platforms across a crazy number of genres and sub-genres.

No author I’ve worked with has ever implemented everything included in this sprint.

Some of these authors are super-advanced marketers. But almost every author out there has something that they can change in less than 30 minutes. And that one change could generate dozens of sales or hundreds in revenue over the coming years.

(or, put another way: almost every author is leaving hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table)

And what if you have five things that you could change? Or ten?

I wanna be clear about a couple things.

The 30 DAY MARKETING SPRINT is not about information or secrets. This is about a simple, straightforward system for getting better results in less time.

It is 100% about implementation. Structure, so that you’re building a system, rather than a random collection of tactics. And it gives you clarity about exactly what to do…so you don’t skip anything essential. And principles so that you don’t waste a ton of time now (or in the future) chasing your tail with BS tactics (cough, keywords).


  • You have an endless to-do list that you’d like to reduce by 50% or more
  • You’re strapped for time and want to focus only what matters
  • You’re just starting out and want to get your marketing optimized from the jump
  • You’re a full-time author who wants to slash hours from their workday
  • You’re a full-time author who wants to maximize sales
  • You want to learn from the playbook I apply for full-time and six-figure authors

It is not for you if…

  • You do want to take action
  • You are not willing to make adjustments to your books to improve their performance
  • You believe that reading about stuff is the same as implementing or knowing it
  • You are interested in short term hacks or tactics. When I say there are ideas that can generate hundreds or thousands of dollars…that’s true (if the books are good). It’s also over time. Years. Not tomorrow. This is a long game.

The 30 DAY MARKETING SPRINT is delivered via email. Why email? Because it’s simple and you can read them anywhere.

The first email (Week 0) goes out May 1.

Here’s how it works:

  • Every weekday (Monday – Friday), you’ll receive a 2 – 5 minute email covering a single key strategy or principle. This is accompanied by a single daily action item that takes 25 minutes. You read the email, set the timer for 25 minutes, and get to work. Boom. One piece of your marketing machine done. There will be a total of 20 emails.
  • Weekends are for catching up or rest. This is not a mega-intense, soul-draining challenge. The sprint is 100% designed to fit into your current schedule, so you can implement things without losing sleep or sanity.
  • If you’ve already implemented that day’s action item previously, great. You can either rest OR go deeper with that day’s idea.


All about solving two problems: “I don’t have time” and/or “I spend all day working.” You don’t have to work 12 hour days to be a full-time author. I’ll show you how.


Forming a long-term marketing strategy. Business principles for authors.


The heart of promotion, branding, and how to improve both.


Getting more organic subscribers. Using your newsletter to sell more books, both at launch and for backlist. Keeping subscribers engaged long-term.


Simple “pay once” adjustments you can make across your books and author platform that can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars long-term and run in the background 24/7/365.


The 30 DAY MARKETING SPRINT is $99. If you do all the exercises and read all the emails, and find that there was not at least one useful piece of information that you could apply, send me your work and I’ll gladly refund you 100% if you contact me within 60 days of purchase. To be eligible, however, you need to implement. If you are not interested in doing the work, please do not sign up.


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