Mini Guide: How to Hit the USA Today Bestseller List

Ah, yes: bestseller-dom, that elusive stamp of approval from on-high that our books are, indeed, worthy. Jokes about validation aside, becoming a bestseller does open (small) doors, so it can be worth pursuing under the right circumstances. While the New York Times list is out of reach for all but the bestselling indies (those lucky enough not to be curated off, that is), USA Today’s list is very much in reach.

There were two reasons I did this: to use the USA Today Bestseller tag in my marketing materials, and also to make it clear that it’s a realistic goal for a solo mid-list author in 2018. Many authors know you can still readily hit Amazon’s Top 100 and the USA Today list. But if you believed those were hopeless endeavors without outside help, special wizardry, or, in rare (and unfortunate) cases, black hat techniques, good news: the following is an in-depth guide on how I hit the list, with an easy to follow strategy for replicating my run.

I won’t pretend to be the originator of this strategy; that credit goes to the many helpful threads on KBoards (C.