First things first: to contact me, please send an email to I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Second: if you’re wondering what books go in what order (since I have 13 of them), here’s the deal.

  • The Final Colony: Adrift. Book 2 coming in 2018.
  • The Remnants Trilogy: Ashes of the Fall, Ruins of the Fall, Remnants of the Fall (Book 3 coming in 2018).
  • The Shadow Conspiracy Trilogy: Shadow Memories, Shadow Space, Shadow Sunset. Complete trilogy now available.
  • Kip Keene Adventures: The Emerald Elephant, The Ruby Rattlesnake, The Silver Songbird, The Diamond Dragon, The Jade Jaguar, The Golden Gazelle. Complete six book series now available.
  • Standalones: Vanishing Midnight

Last: about me. I’m an indie fiction author who writes science fiction and post apocalyptic novels. I have a cool newsletter where you can get my best novel free, if you’d like to check out my work gratis.

For fellow indie authors, I write free, comprehensive guides on how to sell more books, build your fanbase, and apply concepts like deliberate practice to your writing craft. I integrate disciplines like business/money, constant improvement, productivity (goals, habits, planning, release schedules) and marketing into a cohesive system – so if you’re having trouble reconciling art + craft + cash, my philosophy is different than what you’ll find elsewhere.


Knowledge is not the personal property of its discoverer, but the common property of all. As we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously.Ben Franklin

First of all, I haven’t really “discovered” shit, other than how to be slightly less of an idiot. However, I do like the sentiment.

I’ve benefited greatly from a number of generous people who have shared their information freely or inexpensively (e.g. books). One of my favorite sites is Justin Guitar; the owner is not only a tremendous guitar player, but tremendously generous with his knowledge. While I’m sure he could monetize his subscriber base to easily make high six-figures or even millions of dollars, he instead creates premium content that trounces the competition, and does so (basically) all for free.

It is with that spirit that I write these guides and so forth. While it pains my greedy capitalist heart to write these words, and cut myself off forever from the Tesla fleet I could enjoy, here’s the deal: I will always try to keep this information inexpensive or free, and make it vastly superior to the “premium” info on the market. I have zero intention of building some expensive course or massive marketing funnel filled with pushy upsells to relieve you of $500, 18+ hours of your valuable time (don’t forget those “bonuses” that add nothing) and then not improve your business.

Thus, if you are sick of annoying sites with hard-sell agendas and hidden funnels waiting to be unleashed (or endless spam from signing up to the newsletter), then you’re in luck, because all of that bullshit is not flying here. None of this indie publishing stuff is rocket science, you can definitely do it, and I’ll explain how.

Your job, in turn, is to use it and start selling some damn books.

What’s that? Sorry; it’s hard to hear you from my high horse.

Oh, you ‘d like to check out this purportedly excellent information? Certainly – head on over here to start the learning.

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